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  • JCCV awarded “HEY Grant” to support same sex attracted and gender/sex diverse  people

    JCCV awarded “HEY Grant” to support same sex attracted and gender/sex diverse people

    13 October 2014

    The Jewish Community Council of Victoria (JCCV) has been awarded a Healthy Equal Youth (HEY) Grant of $22,280 by the Youth Affairs Council of Victoria and the Minister for Mental Health, the Hon Mary Wooldridge MP...

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  • Jewish Community Thanks A Mensch

    Jewish Community Thanks A Mensch

    30 September 2014

    At the Beth Weizmann Community Centre on Tuesday, Nina Bassat AM, President of the Jewish Community Council of Victoria, presented Sergeant Timothy Lambourne with a certificate in appreciation of his work supporting multiculturalism and his...

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  • Community Commemorates Babi Yar

    Community Commemorates Babi Yar

    29 September 2014

    At the Jewish Holocaust Centre on Sunday 28 September, the Victorian Jewish community commemorated the massacre at Babi Yar, a ravine near Kiev, where 33,771 Jews were shot over a two day period starting on 29...

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  • About Calendar Times

    The following Shabbat, Festival and Fast Day candle lighting, starting and ending times are provided by the Rabbi Mordechai Gutnick and are accurate for Melbourne, Victoria at the time of publishing.

    ? Candle Lighting Times

    • Shabbat Noach


      Light Candles
      Friday 24 October 2014
      at 7:28 EST AM


      Saturday 25 October 2014
      at 8:28 EST AM

    • Shabbat Lech Lecha


      Light Candles
      Friday 31 October 2014
      at 7:35 EST AM


      Saturday 1 November 2014
      at 8:36 EST AM

    • Shabbat Vayera


      Light Candles
      Friday 7 November 2014
      at 7:43 EST AM


      Saturday 8 November 2014
      at 8:45 EST AM

    • Shabbat Chayei Sarah


      Light Candles
      Friday 14 November 2014
      at 7:50 EST AM


      Saturday 15 November 2014
      at 7:53 EST AM

    • Shabbat Toldot


      Light Candles
      Friday 21 November 2014
      at 7:58 EST AM


      Saturday 22 November 2014
      at 9:02 EST AM

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