Marion & Kurt Lippmann Foundation

The Marion  & Kurt Lippmann Foundation Inspiring and supporting community professionals

Jewish Community Professional Scholarship – $7,000.

The Foundation is offering up to $7,000 for existing or potential community professionals to further their career, skills and interests in service to the Victorian Jewish community.

To apply, send your CV and background, proposed course of study, training, or continuing education program to the Trustees for consideration. Guidelines to assist your application are listed here.

Applicants should provide the names of 2 referees willing to provide confidential reports of your professional standing.

Closing date 28th September 2017 - Be sure to outline how your program of choice will enhance your work and benefit/professionalise the Melbourne Jewish community. Also detail whether the program is new or established and your financial capacity to implement the program with or without funding.

Applications should be sent to:-

The Trustees,
The Marion and Kurt Lippmann Foundation


Marion and Kurt Lippmann recognized the need to professionalise community services in the 1970’s. Marion was one of the first professionals employed in the Jewish Community, as the Social Worker at the then Jewish Welfare and Relief Society. Her husband Kurt was a tireless volunteer to B’nai B’rith, Temple Beth Israel and the JNF.

Professor Louis Waller recalls how strongly the Lippmann's felt about developing Jewish community professionals.

Professor Waller said “In December 1987, when Jewish Welfare and B’nai B’rith honoured Marion’s 25 years of service and Kurt’s community contributions, the Lippmann's took the opportunity to inaugurate a Foundation in their name”.

At this event Marion, speaking on their behalf said: “I hope that the Foundation begun in our names will be an incentive for young people to take up challenges in positions of service which are sorely needed to be filled. Because, although we in Melbourne, do not, on the whole, follow the ‘I’m all right, Jack ‘ philosophy and in fact do care for our fellow men in a warm, welcoming fashion, it has not been easy to attract suitable people as Jewish public servants. With extra qualifications overseas if necessary, young professionals should find it easier to command respect and reward for the work they will be doing.”

The Foundation, initially formed as a Trust, is managed by Trustees: members of the Lippmann Family – Marc and Larry Light, as well as Jack Leder, Jo Silver and previous scholarship recipient Zandy Fell.

Marc Light, the grandson of Kurt Lippmann and Principal of the King David School reflected on the dedication by previous Trustees and moving into the future.

Marc Light stated “The Foundation owes its success to the efforts and commitment of former Trustees Professor Louis Waller, Phil Shulman, Kurt Ratner and John Learmont.”

The Foundation, now under the umbrella of the Jewish Community Council of Victoria (JCCV), is run independently by Trustees and a Foundation Manager. The JCCV will continue to build on the efforts of the Trustees in developing community professionalism.


Dr Larry Light, Marc Light, Dr Jack Leder, Jo Silver & Zandy Fell.

Trust Manager: Dr Helen Light AM.





Ruth Cohen – to study administration of social services at the Jewish Welfare Society.


Eliyahu Schleifer – the Director of Cantorial Studies at the Hebrew Union College, Jerusalem, to teach TBI Choir and Chazanut.


Ora Zohar – to present an in-service course at Monash University on ‘Reflective Teaching’ to teachers of Jewish Studies in Jewish day Schools.


Michel Laloum – to undertake Cantorial Studies at the Hebrew Union College, Jerusalem.


Zandy Alter (Later Fell) – to study at the ADC in Washington and to undertake a postgraduate degree in Jewish Studies.


Ari Bergman - to syudy a masters in Jerusalem.
Ilan Bloch - to attend the Nahum Goldman Fellowship Program in Sweden.


Naomi Kowadlo – to undertake Doctoral studies in Clinical Psychology and also study leadership in the Young Anti Defamation Commission Program.


Gabi Field – to study at the Conservative Yeshivah in Jerusalem.


Rebecca Forgasz – to study a masters in Jewish Studies at Oxford University.


Elly Bloom - to study at the New York University's Stern School of Business.


Gabi Field – to continue her studies for the Conservative Rabbinate at the Schechter Institute, Jerusalem.


Manny Waks – to travel to the US to undertake internships with various Anti-Defamation League branches.


Sha’ron Haviv – to attend a training program, Suhla, in New York and in Israel in order to develop mediation programs between Jews, Muslims & Christians.


Hinde Burstin - to do further Yiddish studies in New York.


Dr Andre Oboler – to undertake a Company Director’s Training Program in order to better manage the On-Line Hate Prevention Institute.


Nomi Kaltman – to undertake a course in radio presentation to aid her work on J- Air.


Yerachmiel Aron – to further his studies in Masters of Clinical Psychology.


Rachel Mihalovich – to undertake a Company Director’s Training Program.


1. Genuine commitment to returning knowledge and experiences gained via the scholarship to the Victorian Jewish Community in a professional position.

2. A clear and well-expressed submission.

3. A succinctly defined aim for the scholarship.

4. Submission on or before the closing date.

5. Country and and/or institution of course.

6. Is this an existing or new initiative in the Victorian Jewish Community?

7. How does this initiative add to the professionalism of the Victorian Jewish Community

8. How will this initiative or skill be maintained on an ongoing basis?

- What hurdles, if any, do you envisage?

9. Which group or demographic will benefit?

10. Would you describe yourself as an ‘established’ or a ‘potential’ professional in the Jewish community and why?

11. What are your plans for the future?

- How will the scholarship help in achieving this?

- How long is the scholarship wanted for?

- How will this scholarship impact on your life?

12. Costs

- What are the costs involved? How will they be covered?

- Will the course be pursued without the Lippmann scholarship?

- Is your place of work (paid or voluntary), contributing fees to your proposed program?

13. The successful applicant will be expected to present a written report to the Trustees within the year.



Ruth Cohen – to study administration of social services at the Jewish Welfare Society.



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