For 80 years the JCCV has been the peak body of Victorian Jewry, Australia’s largest Jewish community. With 51 major communal organisations as its affiliates, the JCCV represents the mosaic of Jewish religious, political, cultural, welfare, educational and social associations serving the Jewish community in Victoria.

The Victorian and Federal Governments, their agencies and Victoria Police, the media and ethnic and religious groups have long recognised the JCCV as the representative body of the Victorian Jewish community, speaking on its behalf on all matters affecting its welfare, safety and interests. As such, the JCCV provides leadership and a voice for Victorian Jewry’s 52,000 members to the wider Victorian community. Our constituent organisations nominate members of the Council which meets regularly in plenary session.

The JCCV Executive meets monthly. Through consultation, advocacy and working with government, other faith and ethnic communities, the media, police, service providers and the general public, the JCCV seeks to achieve the following goals:

  • A better society by promoting understanding and cooperation between all faiths
  • Harmonious and constructive relationships between the various elements of the Victorian Jewish community and between our community and the broader Victorian community
  • A positive perception of Jews and Judaism in Victorian society
  • Greater understanding of and respect for the Jewish way of life
  • A thriving local Jewish community
  • A safer local Jewish community
  • Zero community tolerance of racism in general and antisemitism in particular
  • Continuing and enhancing the Victorian Jewish community’s contribution to social justice
  • Wider knowledge and understanding of the Holocaust and its lessons
  • And in partnership with Zionism Victoria:
    - A more sophisticated public understanding of Israel's efforts to achieve peace and security
    - Effective counteraction of misinformation on Israel, the Middle East and the Arab/Israel conflict
    - A more sophisticated understanding of Israel in relation to contemporary Jewish identity.

To achieve these priorities, the JCCV’s work includes: advocacy, community planning and development, training and education, outreach, community security, responding to antisemitic incidents, interfaith and multicultural dialogue, media and public relations, the online community calendar and appeals calendar coordination, community events, scholarship administration, Holocaust Remembrance, social justice and social inclusion, and youth protection & development.

Our constituent organisations nominate members of the Council which meets in plenary session nine times each year in the Beth Weizmann Jewish Community Centre at 306 Hawthorn Road, Caulfield South. The Executive meets twelve times annually, generally in the week preceding a plenum.

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