Youth Alcohol Project (YAP)


Since 1938 the Jewish Community Council of Victoria (JCCV) has been the peak body of Victorian Jewry, Australia's largest Jewish community. With nearly 60 major communal organisations as affiliates, the JCCV represents the mosaic of Jewish religious, political, cultural, welfare, educational and social associations serving the Jewish community in Victoria.

The Youth Alcohol Project (YAP) is an educational prevention program aimed to reduce underage drinking in the Victorian Jewish community.

Based on persuasive anecdotal evidence, that 12 and 13-year old are exposed to alcohol in private social settings including bar / bat mitzvahs, it is JCCV’s view that proactive education and awareness raising of youth - to alcohol issues, can lead to a reduction in binge drinking and related risky behaviour in the following few years.

Since YAP was initiated in 2009 with a seeding grant from the Government, the JCCV have been working on developing a structured educational program that focuses on both students and parents.

Based on harm minimisation principles, the program has been developed in collaboration with drug and alcohol experts, educators and medical practitioners.  Initially focused on year 6 level ‘pre bar/bat mitzvah’ aged students and their parents but has since evolved and expanded: YAP is now involved across a broad spectrum of schools and year levels including Mount Scopus Memorial College, Bialik College, Sholem Aleichem College, King David School, Beth Rivkah Ladies College and Leibler Yavneh College.

The program is comprised of:

  • Parent sessions facilitated by drug and alcohol experts combined with members of the Victoria Police.
  • Students interactive sessions: introduced in 2011 to educate students with techniques on how to handle peer pressure, specifically towards alcohol misuse. The workshops offer a unique, challenging and creative atmosphere for students to learn, through fun activity, whilst an important message on alcohol misuse is absorbed.

The focus of the program involves educating both students and their parents with skills, knowledge and power to communicate and combat underage binge drinking.

Parent’s and student’s interactive sessions are presented by:

  • Community Engagement Worker - headspace
  • A Psychologist
  • An Emergency Physician
  • Victoria Police - Youth Resource Officer

Parents & Students are provided information and different perspectives including:

  • Alcohol – Physical, psychological, emotional and mental effects
  • Peer pressure / Binge Drinking
  • Safe Partying
  • Role play, myths and tool box

Schools participating in students and / or parent sessions:

1.  Beth Rivkah Ladies College

2. Bialik College

3.  Mount Scopus Memorial College

4.  Leibler Yavneh College

5.  Sholem Aleichem College

6.  The King David School

Parents say...

Excellent speakers with very sensible rational approach…

Very good presentation. Great range of professionals. Thought provoking…

It was a timely reminder for me as a parent of the risks alcohol presents to teens…Very useful. There is always something new to learn…This was an eye opener evening. Thank you for the useful information…

YAP is proudly supported by ErdiGroup, Frenkiel Estate and Gandel Philanthropy.

For more information please contact Anat Aloni @ JCCV 0421 227 335


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