Roof Bodies & Umbrella Organisations
  • B'nai B'rith Victoria Inc

    71 Kooyong Road, Caulfield North 3161

    Tel: 9576 1116

    B'nai B'rith Victoria Inc


    Welcoming, irrespective of background, age, religious or secular affiliaton.  Active in social justice, social action and charitable works both in Australia and overseas, with scholarships, competitions, concerts, outings and accommodation.

    President: Dr Benny Monheit
    Executive Officer: Frances Stiglec
    71 Kooyong Road, Caulfield North Vic 3161
    T: 9576 1116 F: 9576 0339

    B'nai B'rith Courage To Care (Vic) Inc.
    Travelling exhibition program to schools and community groups highlighting actions of the Righteous Among the Nations to challenge prejudice, discrimination and bullying.
    Chair: Dr Tony Weldon
    Program Manager: Zoi Jurvis
    T: 9500 2313 F: 9500 2287
    E:  www.courageto

    Anti-Defamation Commission
    Founded in 1979, is Australia's leading civil rights organisation fighting antisemitism and racism through educational programs that combat bigotry, prejudice an all forms of hatred.
    306 Hawthorn Road, Caulfield South 3162
    Edna Lipson.  T: 9272 5677 F: 9272 5671

    B'nai B'rith Parents Home
    Nineteen independent self-contained flats for the elderly.
    Chairperson: Mr Tony Levy

    B'nai B'rith Annual Jewish Youth Art Competition
    Promotes art among Ages 11-18. Prizes in all categories and age groups,and a scholarship for the most promising young artist. Chairperson: Mrs Rachel Meltzer

    B'nai B'rith Jewish Youth Eisteddfod - Ages 8-25 Seeks to encourage talented pianists, instrumentalists and vocalists in our community with scholarships and prizes.
    Chairperson: Andrew Kolb

    JCCV Community Awards Recipients

    2006 Dr Paul Gardner OAM
    2007 Tony Levy
    2008 Adrienne Perch
    2009 Sonia Kempler
    2010 Assia New
    2011 Dr Tony Weldon
    2012 John Learmont
    2013 Leah Black
    2014 Eva Rathner
    2015 Claude Fromm
    2016 Dr Benny Monheit

    0400 081 03

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  • Council of Orthodox Synagogues of Victoria

    Tel: 0417 541 957

    Council of Orthodox Synagogues of Victoria


    Roof body of Orthodox Synagogues in Victoria

    President: Robert Wyner
    PO Box 9 Balaclava  3183

    JCCV Community Awards Recipients

    2006 Romy Leibler
    2007 Harvey Bruce
    2008 Paul Korbl
    2009 David Sherr
    2010 Jack Feldman
    2011 Moishe Trebish
    2012 Tallihah May




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  • Maccabi Victoria Inc

    Level 1, 176 Bambra Road, Caulfield South 3162

    Tel: 9563 5885

    Maccabi Victoria Inc


    Roof body of 23 Jewish sports clubs . Welcomes and provides sport for all abilities of all ages.  Hosts Junior Carnival.

    Level 1, 176 Bambra Road, Caulfield South 3162
    President: Brian Swersky
    Executive Officer: Jacquie Lerner
    T: 9563 5885 F: 9563 5880

    Maccabi Victoria Sports Foundation

    A tax deductible entity, established to build a secure and accountable financial base to support the activities of Maccabi Victoria.
    Foundation President, Russell Jaffe (03) 9576 1039.

    JCCV Community Award Recipients

    2006 Jeff Gordon
    2007 Joe Aarons
    2008 Yvette Shaw
    2009 Giselle Berlinski and Di Sherman
    2010 Leon Haskin
    2011 Mark Klapish
    2012 Ricky Diamond
    2013 Michael Sharp
    2014 Russell Jaffe
    2015 Justin Lipson
    2016 Sam Parasol OAM

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  • National Council of Jewish Women of Australia (Vic) Inc

    131-133 Hawthorn Road, Caulfield 3161

    Tel: (03) 9523 0535

    National Council of Jewish Women of Australia (Vic) Inc


    Inpired by Jewish values, to create a better world for women by supporting and advancing the status of women, promoting a harmonius mulicultural society and supporting projects in Israel. Includes Caring Mums and activitiesfor seniors.

    President: Miriam Bass
    CEO: Lee Ann Basser  T: 9523 0535
    131-133 Hawthorn Road, Caulfield 3161
    PO Box 2220, Caulfield Junction 3161

    JCCV Community Award Recipients

    2006 Beverley Walter
    2007 Doreen Beckwith
    2008 Di Hirsh OAM
    2009 Sonja Krawatt
    2010 Susie Ivany
    2011 Rysia Rozen OAM
    2012 Sandra Levinson
    2013 Peter Birnbaum
    2014 Dr Susan Feldman
    2015 Vivien Brass
    2016 Deborah Strauch

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  • Progressive Judaism Victoria

    517 Orrong Road, Armadale Vic 3143

    Tel: 03-9533 9930

    Progressive Judaism Victoria


    Roof body and advocate for the Progressive Jewish organisations in Victoria.

    President: Jonathan Barnett -
    373 Dandenong Road, Armadale 3143
    PO Box 8207, Armadale 3143
    Project Coordinator: Inna Lysy
    T: 9533 9930

    JCCV Community Award Receipients

    2007 Philip Mayers
    2010 Dorothy Nathan
    2011 Michael Taft
    2012 Joe and Eva Stupel
    2013 Dr George Deutsch
    2014 Sam Sharman
    2015 Michael Polak - Leo Baeck Centre
    2015 Sue Morgan - Temple Beth Israel
    2016 Devorah Komesaroff - Temple Beth Israel

    Temple Beth Israel
    76-82 Alma Road, St Kilda 3182
    PO Box 128, St Kilda 3182
    Tel: 9510 1488  F: 9521 1229

    JCCV Community Award Recipients
    Ian Samuel OAM

    Leo Baeck Jewish Centre
    31-37 Harp Road, East Kew  3102
    PO Box 430, East Kew 3102
    T: 9819 7160

    Etz Chaym Progressive Synagogue
    549 Centre Road, Bentleigh 3204
    T: 9563 9208  F: 9557 9880

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