Jewish Emergency Management Plan


Jewish Emergency Management Plan (JEMP) is a coordinated plan to deal with any major emergency, either locally or overseas, which may affect members of the Jewish community.

  • community liaison
  • search volunteers
  • Kosher food for those affected
  • emergency transport
  • emergency accommodation
  • emergency clothing
  • dispatch of the Jewish first aid response group - Hatzolah
  • dispatch of Community Security Group (CSG)
  • coordination of Rabbinic counselling
  • other Jewish counselling and crisis services
  • advice on Jewish issues arising as a result of the emergency
  • Jewish funeral services as requested by relative

or if calling from overseas +613 9272 5580

JEMP provides support to Emergency Service Organisations (ESOs) and communal organisations in event of a major emergency.

A JEMP Duty Officer is on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer emergency calls from ESOs and Jewish communal leaders.

Where necessary, and with the coordination of the affected communal organisation, JEMP establishes its Emergency Operations Centre staffed by trained volunteers who answer incoming calls to the JEMP InfoLine (Vic 1800 18 18 16, NSW 1300 JEMP AU). The InfoLine can provide up-to-date, accurate information about the current emergency.

The JEMP Recovery Committee plans and manages the recovery of the Jewish communal way of life following a major disaster.

In an emergency, an on-scene JEMP Scene Liaison Officer will offer to provide:

Contact JEMP on 1800 18 18 16



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