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Professor Tim McCormack Speaks at JCCV Plenum on Turkel Commission Report

Professor Tim McCormack Speaks at JCCV Plenum on Turkel Commission Report

05 March 2013

Professor Tim McCormack spoke at last night’s Jewish Community Council of Victoria (JCCV) Plenum about his experience as an independent observer in Phase II of the the Turkel Commission of Enquiry.  Prof. McCormack and Lord David Trimble of Northern Ireland were the two independent observers of the Turkel Commission’s extensive review and international comparative assessment of Israel’s mechanisms for investigation and legal enforcement surrounding complaints or allegations of crimes by the Israeli military.

Professor McCormack complimented Israel on being the only country in the world to conduct such an extensive independent inquiry into its military justice system, and said that it had broken new ground in terms of analysis of international law.

The review commenced in 2011 and reviewed the current state of the law, Israel’s processes and procedures, and used six other countries including Australia, the USA, Canada and Germany as comparative examples.  The final report is extensive and made 28 recommendations for change which are currently being reviewed by the Israeli Government for implementation.

Professor McCormack was delighted to point out that the report had been well received by a wide range of analysts within Israel, as well as legal experts internationally.

Delegates attending the JCCV Plenum found Prof. McCormack’s address extremely interesting and the address was followed by an extensive question time.

Read Professor Tim McCormack Speech here


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