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President's Report

President's Report

04 March 2013

JCCV Celebrates 75 years

The representation of the Victorian Jewish community by a roof body began in 1938 with the formation of the Victorian Jewish Advisory Board. In 1947, this became the Victorian Jewish Board of Deputies and in 1988, the name was changed to the present name of Jewish Community Council of Victoria. From its inception, the organisation has sought to be a representative voice for the community and a cohesive force within it. We continue this role because you, the affiliates empower us to do so and we do so fully aware of the responsibility which this places on us.

Yom Hashoah Commemorations

Planning is proceeding for both functions. The evening commemoration is to be on Thursday 4 April 2013 at Robert Blackwood Hall, Monash University and this year we will be focusing on commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. The afternoon commemoration at Carlton Cemetery will take place on Yom Hashoah, Sunday 7 April 2013, and AUJS and AZYC will be participating in that event.

Child Protection Policy

Much work is being done by Jo Silver, Andrew Blode and Rimma Sverdlin in establishing the participation and scope of the Steering Committee. JCCV is bringing together as much expertise as possible to ensure wide representation.

We are mindful of the complexity and sensitivity of this area and of how important it is to ensure that all aspects are considered.


The Youth Alcohol Project is again being offered to the Jewish Day Schools, with Yeshiva and Beth Rivkah secondary school students also participating this year. The “Alcohol and Youth, Your Say Forum” Report has now been published and is available on the JCCV website. Feed back is requested by 5 April 2013. Debbie Zauder, the Project Manager wrote an opinion piece on youth alcohol issues in the AJN prior to Purim and the YAP program is currently being evaluated.

Federal Election

Federal Minister Gary Gray, Special Minister for State, has written to the JCCV, providing information about early voting and offering assistance if required to facilitate voting for our community. ECAJ will be writing to the Minister on behalf of all the constituents and affiliates that extended hours for pre-polling in Wentworth, Goldstein, Melbourne Ports and polling venues, as well as extra pre-polling, stations would be helpful.

Youth Summit

JCCV is currently planning a Youth Summit, designed to bring together young people from disparate sections of our community, with the aim of developing a plan for the future by the people who will be the leaders in the future.

We have been granted funding from Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC) for this project.

Affiliation fees

At the request of the JCCV Council of Presidents, which is meeting on 10 April 2013, the Executive is re-appraising the affiliation fee structure. The proposal will be discussed at the Council of Presidents meeting, and if it is decided that there is merit to it, the proposal will be brought to the Plenum.

In each instance, a briefing paper will be provided beforehand.

May Plenum

The next Plenum, on 6 May 2013 will be at the Jewish Holocaust Centre


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