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JCCV Thanks and Farewells the Croation Consul General

JCCV Thanks and Farewells the Croation Consul General

10 May 2013

The Jewish Community Council of Victoria (JCCV) held a farewell reception for Antun Babic, Consul General for Croatia at the Jewish Holocaust Centre with a large delegation of Croatian and Jewish community leaders at JCCV’s May Plenum.

The evening commenced with thirty leaders from the Croation community touring the Jewish Holocaust Centre and concluded with a farewell reception for the Consul General.

Nina Bassat, President of the JCCV said that, “Antun Babic was responsible for helping to create a strong and close relationship between the Croation and Jewish communities in Victoria during his tenure as Consul General.  We aim for this special friendship to continue into the future.”

“Learning to understand each other is a vital aspect of our multicultural community. What brings light to the darkness both communities have lived through is the simple things; it is getting to know each other and one-on-one acts of kindness.”

Other speakers to thank Mr Babic included John Searle, Past-President of the JCCV and David Southwick, Member for Caulfield who represented the Minister for Multicultural Affairs on the evening.

Mr Babic said that he was deeply moved by the tour of the Jewish Holocaust Centre and said, “Jews and Croats in Australia now better understand each other, know their community values histories and the histories of their nations.”

He also said, “Israel is a beacon of freedom and democracy in a volatile region, a strong state with the most start up companies in the world and a people known for their talent and commitment to faith.”

Read Antun Babic's Farewell Speech here

Read David Southwick MP Report in Parliament


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