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GLBT Reference Group Report

GLBT Reference Group Report

10 October 2011

Report of the GLBT Reference Group - 2011

Preamble: Upon assuming the presidency of the JCCV in November 2008, John Searle stated that his aims, amongst other things, were to identify disaffiliated Jewish people, to try and bring them more „within the tent of the Jewish community‟, and to look at issues, including prejudice, within our own community. In the last three years, the JCCV has tackled these and many other issues.

A GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender) Reference Group (“the reference group”) was established to look at issues pertaining to GLBT Jews in Melbourne. This report deals with the scope, work, and subsequent findings of the GLBT Reference Group and concludes with some recommendations.


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