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12 July 2013

The Jewish Community Council of Victoria (JCCV) rolled out an excellent session on ‘how to win the most grants ever for your community organisation’ this Thursday 11 July. As the peak body, the JCCV offers this ongoing service to affiliate and Jewish communal organisations, as professional development and networking to link and share knowledge and resources.

Patrick Moriarty, Director of Training and Development at Our Community, presented the session and was a highly skilled facilitator and subject matter expert on grants and the Jewish community. Joining him was Andrew Blode, CEO of the Jack and Robert Smorgon Families Foundation, who spoke about the Jewish Funders and how the participants could capitilise on funding opportunities.

Jo Silver, organizer and project manager for the JCCV, understands the time and resource constraints for many small organisations in applying for grants. However, she asks the question: “Given $10 billion dollars of philanthropy and government grants are provided annually, can we afford not to make time to tap into this rich resource?” Ms Silver outlined some of the learnings from the morning’s session.

-      Pick up the phone and call the grant giver. They are more likely to give to people and projects with whom they are familiar.

-       Jewish philanthropy is all about relationships and whom you know.

-       95% of grants are sent in the 11th hour – get in at least a week early so your grant will be read with interest and give you a chance to ring and make changes.

-       Get a ‘scout’ to look for suitable grants, and then get a good writer to apply.

-       Be sure to cover why you need the grant – not what the grant is. Include evidence, testimonials, stats, research, photos and trends.

-       Partnerships are given preference so pull in others who could benefit especially if you need DGR.

-       List the full cost of the program including corporate partnerships (in kind work), volunteer and admin time and any previous successes so you are considered a ‘safe bet’.

-       Say thanks - whether you were successful or not. The granters will remember when you next apply.

Thanks Patrick, thanks Andrew – the morning was valuable and targeted.

If you would like to be included in the professional networking or have a topic that you would like discussed, contact Jo Silver on 9272 5642. The next sessions are on ‘policy and practice to keep our children safe’ and ‘media releases that get attention.’


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