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The JCCV Youth Alcohol Project’s  Educational Package

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The JCCV Youth Alcohol Project’s Educational Package

11 February 2010

The Jewish Community Council of Victoria (JCCV) Youth Alcohol Project has completed its first stage of the project. Project Officer Debbie Zauder has over the last couple of months liaised with Jewish Community leaders, Directors of relevant Jewish agencies and organisations, Rabbis, Principals of the Jewish Schools, staff at a variety of drug and alcohol agencies, members of the Victoria Police Youth Services Branch plus individual members of the Jewish Community

JCCV President, John Searle praised the work done by Zauder so far and Zauder herself stated the Jewish Community overall has not just welcomed the Project, but “has opened their arms and embraced the Project with enthusiasm! Word of the Project has filtered through the Jewish organisations and there is a fresh and exciting feel occurring. People want to be involved, with generous offers to assist in any way they can.” Searle also stated “that it is a win-win situation for the community for so many organisations to be working collaboratively on this project.”

An educational program has been developed by Zauder focusing on Year 6 students and their parents. The program will be facilitated by drug and alcohol experts combined with members of the Victoria Police Force. Year 6 level has been chosen as it is the  pre bar/batmitzvah age, when Jewish youth are frequently and regularly exposed to settings where alcohol is served. The focus of the program involves educating both students and their parents with skills, knowledge and power to combat underage binge drinking issues that are widespread and appear to be increasing from that age bracket within the Jewish Community.

The next stage of the project involves communicating with the Jewish Schools and installing the student/parent based program into the 2010 curriculum. Zauder is currently meeting with the Principals of the Jewish Schools to co-ordinate the program and ensure a consistent and relevant program is put into place.

Adjunct to the Jewish school based educational program, a number of Jewish community activities are planned for 2010 to further promote the aims of the Youth Alcohol Project. Zauder stated “I am looking forward to further promoting the aims of the Project in the Jewish Community. Tackling the current and rising drinking culture of Jewish youth is a challenge for the Community as a whole and I am delighted that I am working with the JCCV and other community organisations.”

The JCCV Youth Alcohol Project is a collaborative project including

representatives from the JCCV, the Victoria Police, the Jewish Schools, Hatzolah, the Rabbinical Council of Victoria, Jewish Care Victoria, AUJS and the Taskforce Against Domestic Violence.

Please address any queries or comments to Debbie Zauder


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