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Statement from Jewish Taskforce Against Family Violence

Statement from Jewish Taskforce Against Family Violence

18 September 2013

The JTAFV welcomes the conviction of David Cyprys as well as his decision to plead guilty to a raft of charges. This should provide some comfort  and closure to the victims. We applaud those victims who had the courage to report the abuse and follow through to the end. We cannot even begin to comprehend how  traumatic this has been for them as well as their families.

The JTAFV’s policy is that  all organisations including but not restricted to day schools, youth groups and synagogues provide safety strategy prevention programmes for both students and parents as well as teachers and Rabbis  and commends those who have already implemented such programs.

Staying silent is not an option. The most vulnerable of our community-our children-must be protected and to fail to do so or to attempt to do so is a gross breach of the trust that children have in us.


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