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01 August 2013


Schools' Funding & Security

  • Gonski Review, Better Schools Plan - is our current funding system inequitable, opaque, and needlessly duplicating? Does the review propose a more transparent funding system, so we can better understand where money is going and how will these changes effect our children?
  • Independent school children receive a share of the school funding cake. And so they should - we all pay taxes. In fact, independent school parents save the Victorian tax payers approx $869 million annually.
  • Michael Danby, MP will be presenting on funding for schools and security. Come along and ask your questions...

Israel & the ANZACS

Kelvin Crombie presents...

  • With a fascinating background growing up on a wheat, sheep and pig farm in the central wheat belt of Western Australia, to 25 years in Christ Church, Old Jerusalem, Kelvin became interested in Israel's restoration and the role of the ANZACs in that restoration.
  • Author, documentarist, researcher, expert on the role of the ANZACS in Israel during the two world wars, Kelvin has a wealth of knowledge and an intimate connection with Israel.

Mitzvah Day

Judy Feiglin presents...

  • Mitzvah Day is a wonderful initiative, started in London and brought to Australia by Judy Feiglin. In it's third year, Mitzvah Day, not only engages the Jewish community in a day of warmth, support and care, it showcases Jewish people to fellow Australians. Of course, we should be doing Mitzvot all the time, it is our calling, but there is always something very special about helping others, together.

JCCV letterhead & Logo Policy

The JCCV Executive proposes:

  • Constituents may include the Council’s logo and refer to their affiliation to Council on their letterhead, except where such letterhead is used for the publication of political statements, statements on matters of public policy, or social issues.
  • Other than as provided for in paragraph 1, no Constituent may include the Council’s logo or refer to their affiliation to Council in any document without the prior written permission of the Executive, which consent is entirely at the Executive’s discretion, and may be granted subject to conditions.
  • No Constituent may imply the support or endorsement of the Council for any political statement, statement on matters of public policy, or social issues without the express written permission of the Executive.

Affiliation Fees

In an effort to make affiliation fees equitable and fair, the JCCV Executive proposes a new model.


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