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JCCV & Adam Slonim Tackle Information Overload

JCCV & Adam Slonim Tackle Information Overload

03 March 2014

Over 30 people attended the Jewish Community Council of Victoria (JCCV) Information Overload session presented by Maniya Director, Adam Slonim. The session is part of JCCV’s series of professional networking offered to community professionals for ongoing development.

Today, people are inundated with information via email, social media and other distribution channels and can struggle with work efficiency and effectiveness. The research indicates that people spend an average 2 minutes 11 seconds working with any device, paper or email before they are interrupted or switch to another item or event and 40% of the time people forget to come back to what they started!

Adam provided practical tips and tools to help people manage their time effectively and attend to the important work at hand. In essence, managing your time is all about personal choice. You cannot stop the interruptions but you can control your response. Adam presented nine simple methods as follows:

  • Delete the Reply All button in email settings
  • Turn off incoming email alerts
  • Create strict email and no email times
  • Open an email only once, then ditch / deal / delegate / decide
  • Create On time and Off times
  • Set priority goals
  • Top and tail each day
  • Do not take devices into meetings
  • Conduct effective meetings

Nina Bassat, JCCV President, gave the vote of thanks and said, “Many of us will implement the simpler recommendations immediately, the others will require practice and discipline as they directly link to the complexity of human behaviour and habit.

The JCCV has booked Adam for another session on May 15 for How to say No, & not feel guilty. Contact Jo Silver, JCCV Project Manager, on to register for these events.


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