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JCCV Launches Jewish Festivals Booklet

JCCV Launches Jewish Festivals Booklet

04 March 2014

The Jewish Community Council of Victoria (JCCV) launched its new ‘Overview of the Jewish Festivals’ booklet at its March Plenum on Monday night.

The Jewish festivals booklet is primarily aimed at education of the Victorian community, including politicians, Victoria Police, leaders of other faiths and cultural groups, key Government Departments, non-Jewish staff working within the Jewish community and healthcare professionals, including pastoral care workers, about the Jewish community’s main festivals.

The President of the JCCV, Nina Bassat AM said, “I am delighted to be launching this new overview of the Jewish festivals to help explain our chagim to members of the broader Victorian community and our non-Jewish friends, as well as those providing services to our community.”

“The booklet includes a condensed introduction to Judaism, the Jewish people’s long history in Australia at a glance and an overview of the festivals, and Shabbat, with the dates of the Festivals. It is a useful tool in helping to educate the non-Jewish community in some important elements of the Jewish community’s activities and holy days in a concise and attractive manner.”

“We believe that through education and increased understanding, we can create a more tolerant and harmonious community.”

“We acknowledge and thank the Victorian Multicultural Commission, Golds World of Judaica and FBI Travel for their generous sponsorship of this initiative.”


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