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Emmy Monash Presentation at JCCV Plenum

Emmy Monash Presentation at JCCV Plenum

09 April 2014

Joe Krampel thanked the plenum for the opportunity to present “Shaping Tomorrow Today” on a history of Emmy Monash and how they derived at the decision to do what they are proposing to do. There is an aging stock of aged care facilities throughout all communities. This is what aged care should look like going into tomorrow, with the best possible care.

Emmy Monash started as a retirement home for elderly ladies from 1940’s – 1990’s, until it was discovered that it was no longer viable. The new development will cover 2 blocks of land and will have 97 beds with spacious rooms, joint rooms  to house families and private dining rooms for functions.

Emmy Monash has a waiting list that is growing. With the Gen08 presentation they discovered that because of the baby boomers, they would encounter serious problems in aged care. After surveying the public and consulting with the same architects as the Royal Childrens Hospital, they stated that they wanted something that transcends aged care. A place where you might be prepared and happy to be in.

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