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President's Report

President's Report

02 June 2014

Belgian, French and Tunisian Attacks on Jews

Together with the rest of the Jewish world, we mourn the victims of the brutal attack at the Jewish Museum in Brussels on 24 May 2014.

The same day, two Jewish men were attacked as they left a synagogue in the Paris area and the following day, Muslim terrorists stabbed a Jewish man, Gabriel Ozen, in Tunisia, the second antisemitic attack in Tunisia this month. We wish a full and speedy recovery to all the victims.

Two aspects of these attacks should be sending shockwaves through every Jewish community in the Diaspora.

The first is the fact that the perpetrator of the attack on Gabriel Ozen was apprehended but released without charge a short time later.

And the second is the statement by Joel Rubinfield, President of the Belgian League Against Anti-Semitism that “most of us knew it could and would (happen) … So I am shocked but not in the least surprised."

These incidents reinforce yet again the vulnerability of every Jewish community and the constant need for vigilance.

Representation to Government and Opposition

A productive meeting was held by JCCV representatives and Matthew Guy MLC, Minister for Multicultural Affairs and David Southwick MP, Parliamentary Secretary for Police and Emergency Services where we were able to raise a number of communal matters, including the JCCV multicultural agenda and issues of security.

A meeting was also held with Daniel Andrews MP, Leader of the Opposition, Marsha Thomson MP, at which they were briefed on security issues.

We also attended a meeting with Michelle Rowland MP, Federal Opposition spokesperson for Multiculturalism, at which Michael Danby MP was also present.

This was a useful discussion on Section 18c of the RDA and David Marlow provided a full briefing of status of Victorian activities in this area in which JCCV has been involved.

JCCV Child Protection Training

The third Child Protection Training session took place on 27 May 2014 and the participants have strongly indicated that there should be a follow up to the workshops.

Some of the measures suggested a presentation on the legal regulations and compliance requirements, a further series of workshops in 2015 for school, and incident management and de-briefing training session

At the completion of the workshops, the Child Protection reference Group will determine future activity and will seek to incorporate the relevant suggestions of the participants.

Council of Presidents Meeting

Issues discussed were

•         Fundraising & communal Leadership Training planned with Andres Spokoiny

•         Child Protection

•         Pastoral Care

•         Rights & Responsibilities of Elderly People Forum

•         Babi Yar Commemoration

•         GLBTI harm minimisation Social Justice Issues

Yom Hashoah Commemoration

The poignant and professionally produced Yom Hashoah Commemoration which took place on erev Yom Hashoah was well-received. The Committee worked extremely hard, with meticulous attention to detail, and I thank them for their dedication and commitment.

Attendance was again very high, highlighting the importance of Yom Hashoah commemoration in our community.

Racial Discrimination Act (RDA)

The Victorian and New South Wales Governments have issued joint submission against changes to RDA.

Matthew Guy MLC thanked us for our leadership on the RDA issue. The joint statement which David Marlow was instrumental in drafting has been endorsed by 35 multicultural and multi-faith organisations.

Pastoral Care

Jo Silver, JCCV Project Manager, with input from a number of Rabbis, has prepared a pamphlet with prayers suitable for Jewish patients for use by pastoral carers.

She is also organising a series of Shabbat dinners, hosted by a number of synagogues, for pastoral care coordinators, to assist them in understanding the Jewish community.

Youth Alcohol Project (YAP)

YAP continues to work effectively in schools, with Mount Scopus Memorial College, Bialik College, Leibler-Yavneh College, King David School,  Sholem Aleichem

YAP has become a partner in the Alcohol Policy Coalition, placing the JCCV as part of a group that is in the forefront of alcohol issues. It will also enable the YAP Project Officer Debbie Zauder and the YAP committee to network with personnel from the partner organisations and keep abreast of current trends, research and programs.

Forthcoming Events

Professional networking –“How to say no and not feel guilty” with Adam Slonim on 11 June 2014

Catholic Friendship Dinner on 22 June 2014

Final Child Protection Training on 24 June 2014

Plenum on 11 August 2014

Rights & Responsibilities of Elderly People Forum 20 August2014

Nina Bassat AM, 29 May 2014

PLEASE NOTE VENUE FOR PLENUM ON 2 JUNE 2014 - King David School, Rebecca Magid Centre, Orrong Road, Armadale


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