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Social Inclusion Leadership Committee (SILC)

Social Inclusion Leadership Committee (SILC)

25 June 2014

New Leadership Committee Aims For True Inclusion
The first meeting of the newly formed Social Inclusion Leadership Committee (SILC) was held on the 17 June, 2014.

The committee, chaired by David Southwick MP, State Member for Caulfield, brings together a new group of leaders from 13 Victorian organisations set up to lead a campaign of realisation and change, that actively promotes the inclusion of all Jewish people with disability in employment and community life in Victoria.

With representation from the areas of government, community services, sport and recreation, housing, employment, education, schools and academia, their vision and goal is to encourage everyone in the community to take real action towards creating a more inclusive society.

“Social and community inclusion should result in true community presence and participation of people with disabilities equal to that of others without a disability,” says David Southwick MP.

“Inclusion is the right of all people which is why we aim to generate, create and promote real opportunities for people with disabilities to engage in all settings where people without disabilities are present, including classrooms, boardrooms, businesses, recreational activities and community events.”

Jewish Care Victoria President, Mike Debinski, says he is extremely encouraged by the gathering of respected and influential community leaders.

“In order to effect long term and lasting change, we need positive, enthusiastic and creative leadership in our community. The members of SILC are fully engaged and committed to influence the hearts and minds of people in our community so that true inclusion for people with disabilities will become a reality.”

by Ayal Tusia
Marketing & Communications Manager
Jewish Care


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