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Local Jewish Man Assaulted While Israel Defends Itself

Local Jewish Man Assaulted While Israel Defends Itself

11 July 2014

A Jewish man was physically attacked by two Arabic speaking men whilst walking on an Elsternwick street last night. It appears from the words used by the attackers that he was targeted only because he was clearly identifiable as a Jew. This was an act of cowardice and aggression that has no place in our society.

From past experience it is clear that it is no coincidence that this attack occurred as hostilities between Israel and Gaza are escalating.

Since Tuesday morning, more than 350 rockets have been fired at Israeli cities with Gaza based terrorists aiming at Beersheba, Dimona, Rehovot, Jerusalem and the greater Tel Aviv area, as well as other areas.  Virtually all of Israel is within the range of these rockets.

The rockets are fired indiscriminately at the civilian population with the stated aim of destroying the State of Israel.

In defending its population, Israel is doing what any sovereign nation must do – defending itself by striking at the attacking enemy. Unlike the untargeted rockets which are being rained down on Israel, the Israeli response seeks to target the terrorist bases and armaments, with warnings to the civilian population to evacuate such targets.

The Iron Dome has shot down more than 70 rockets since Operation Protective Edge began, limiting injuries among Israelis.

Israel has repeatedly said all rockets must cease in order for Israel to stop its defensive action. This has not happened and Gaza continues its barrage of rockets, reputedly including the Iranian-manufactured "Sejil-55" and M-75 type rockets.

Prior to the commencement of Operation Protective Edge, Prime Minister Netanyahu offered ‘Calm for Calm’ even whilst rockets from Gaza were terrorizing the people of Israel.  A cessation of rockets from Gaza would stop the need for Israeli defensive action.

We all pray for a resolution to this tragic and complex situation and are appalled at the importation of violence into the fabric of Australian society.

Our community members should be free to walk on the streets of Melbourne and to live a peaceful life in what has until now been a model of multicultural harmonious co-existence. We must all ensure that this harmony is protected.

Suspicious activity or antisemitic incidents should be reported to CSG on 1300 000 274.


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