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24 July 2014

This is a difficult time for all of us - as a community closely identifying with Israel and as individuals with family there.

The situation in Israel has inevitably led to rising tensions in the Diaspora, and for that reason the Community Security Group (CSG) has issued a heightened alert and is conducting briefings of communal organisations. At all times, the CSG is a dedicated and hardworking group, with its members voluntarily giving their time and commitment to the protection of our community. In the last two weeks, even more has been demanded of them, and even more has been given by them.

On behalf of the Victorian Jewish community I would like to express my gratitude to the CSG – to the volunteers, to the professional staff, whose dedication is unparalleled, to the families, who are deprived of time they would normally spend together, and to the Advisory Board which supports the CSG and fundraises on its behalf, so that the CSG can remain operational.

To our community, I would ask that you call the emergency number 1300 000 CSG (274)  immediately if an incident is happening or about to happen, or your suspicions are aroused; or go to the website on for information on security issues.

Be assured that we live in a safe environment, with strong support from both sides of politics  and protected by the extremely efficient Victoria Police, with whom the CSG works closely and co-operatively. But above all, now is the time to be guided by the words  “Chazak Ve'ematz”.  The best way we can support Israel is to stay calm and strong, confident that all that can be done, is being done.


Nina Bassat AM
President, Jewish Community Council of Victoria



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