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President's Report

President's Report

07 October 2013

Throughout September, as we have been celebrating the High Holy Days and the Chagim, the JCCV office has been closed for a significant number of days. Notwithstanding this, it has been an extremely productive period and I thank the professional staff for their hard work and their commitment. To have achieved as much as they have in this shortened period, has been really outstanding.

JCCV 2014/5774 Diary and Directory

The Diary and Directory (“the JCCV Diary”) has been available since before Rosh Hashana and there has been a steady demand for it. Despite the fact that much of the information contained in the JCCV Diary is available on our website, the Diary continues to be a valuable communal resource and for many, it is their tangible link to the community and its organisations, to information about candle lighting times and festivals and fasts, just to mention some of the wealth of material contained in it. Much work was done by the staff to ensure that the Diary is reliable and effective.

Rosh Hashana Morning Tea at BW

JCCV hosted the annual Rosh Hashana Morning Tea for everyone working at Beth Weizmann. Rabbi Reuvi Cooper blew the Shofar and we all had an opportunity to wish each other Shana tova u’metuka and of course, to make an early start on the honey cake eating marathon.


“Connects” is a JCCV project to create a Young Jewish Leaders Networking Group, aimed at supporting and engaging young community leaders. The project is the outcome from previous Youth Forum activity.

This is an exciting concept that is now well on the way to becoming a reality, with much hard work from Jo Silver, with assistance from Jesse Sharp, Atida Lipshatz and Anton Herman, amongst others.

An extremely successful function was held at Zagames on 12 September 2013 to launch the program and a 5 year plan has been scoped.

The aim is to retain young leaders, enable networking and develop skills and knowledge for the 20 – 28 year old section of our community.

The project is in its early days, but from all accounts, has caught the imagination of young people in the targeted age group.

Child Protection

We welcome the statement made by ORA in relation to past handling of child abuse cases and what should be the appropriate response. It is a reflection of the growing awareness within our community of the issues and of how they should be addressed.

The JCCV Child Protection Reference Group will consider strategic matters at its next meeting including the possibility of JCCV running a series of workshops.

The purpose would be to provide Jewish organisations with an understanding of the issues surrounding the definition of child abuse, familiarisation with the indicators of child abuse and neglect, the risks to children and young people within organisations and the skills to deal with these issues.

From the interest so far shown by a number of affiliates, the JCCV believes that the provision of such workshops would be of great assistance to the community. The feasibility of this project will be discussed by JCCV Child Protection Reference Group and

consultation with affiliates will take place before a decision is made.

The Board of Maccabi Australia Inc. has set up an independent review of child sexual abuse matters which arose in 1999 and 2000. I have been invited to chair the Committee of Review, which consists of Harry Rosenberg, Daniel Aghion and myself.

Volunteer Awards

The Awards Night will take place on 11 November 2013 at the Alexander Theatre at Monash University. Twenty-five nominations have been received and the Honourable Justice Howard Nathan, former Judge of the Victorian Supreme Court will be the guest speaker.

CSG pre-Rosh Hashana briefing

Over 200 CSG volunteers and staff attended the briefing. The group is extremely focused and committed and I thanked them on behalf of the JCCV and the community for their dedication and for the many hours of service which the Group puts in over the High Holy Day period.

Appeal Calendar

Appeal Allocation dates appear in the new JCCV Diary, however, a new insert will be provided, as two of the participating organisations requested a date change after the diary had been printed.

The participating organisations and their appeal dates are as follows:

B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission     Friday 21 February – Thursday 6 March

Jewish Community Council of Victoria           Friday 14 March – Thursday 27 March

Friday 23 May – Thursday 29 May

Maccabi Victoria Inc                                       Friday 4 April – Thursday 10 April

Jewish Holocaust Centre                                 Friday 25 April – Thursday 1 May

Emmy Monash Aged Care                  Friday 2 May – Thursday 22 May

Lamm Jewish Library of Australia                 Friday 30 May – Thursday 12 June

Community Security Group                            Friday 11 July – Thursday 24 July

Magen David Adom                                        Friday 5 September – Thursday 18 September

JNF Australia – Victorian Division                   Friday 17 October – Friday 7 November

Pastoral Care

JCCV Jewish Pastoral Working Group is planning to issue an Information Sheet to be used in hospitals, including at nursing stations, which should greatly facilitate pastoral care for Jewish patients.

There are also plans in progress for training for Pastoral Carers as part of the Multifaith training program in March 2014, as well as the production of a Pastoral Care booklet for Jewish Pastoral Care coordinators. This Group has been extremely effective and has done a lot of work to ensure that the existing gaps in Pastoral Care for Jewish patients are being met.

Jewish Organ Donation Forum

There are many misconceptions in the community as to the Jewish view on organ donation, as well as what organ donation entails.

The JCCV Forum on Wednesday 16 October 2013 at Beth Weizmann hopes to clarify the issues, both from the Halachic and the medical perspective, with speakers including Dr. Shlomo Cohney, Medical Director of DonateLife, Rabbi Meier Shlomo Kluwgant, President of RCV and two organ recipients. Also present will be DonateLife booth, Rabbi Fred Morgan, Rabbi Adam Stein, Halachic Organ Donation Society and Chevra Kadisha.

This forum is open to the entire community and we would ask you to make your members aware of it.

Forthcoming Events

Jewish-Anglican Dinner

The annual Jewish-Anglican Dinner will take place on Tuesday 22 October 2013 at Beth Weizmann. There will be a Q & A format, with Rabbi James Kennard, Rabbi Ralph Genende and Rebecca Forgasz representing the Jewish community.

Professional Networking and Development Forum

JCCV is offering a very exciting networking session with Andres Spokoiny, the President and CEO of the Jewish Funders Network (JFN) on Monday 28 October 2013 at 8.30 am at Beth Weizmann. Andres Spokoiny has broad experience in community building and working with communal organisations and is having great success in the US building relationships between communal organisations and funders and attracting next generation funders.

This is a forum from which the lay leadership and the professional in our community can benefit and we are grateful to the Australian Jewish Funders for enabling us to hold the forum.


On Thursday 7 November 2013, the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht, JCCV will be holding a communal commemoration in partnership with the Jewish Holocaust Centre, at the Centre. The evening will include the JHC annual Betty and Shmuel Rozenkranz Oration as well as a panel discussion with young members of our community.

30 September 2013


27 August 2013                 Commander Ashley Dickinson farewell

ECAJ Committee of Management meeting

28 August 2013                  JCCV Executive meeting

29 August 2013                  Meeting with Izi Marmur, Bernard Korbman & George Luk-Kozeka

2 September 2013           CSG pre-Rosh Hashana briefing

3 September 2013           Beth Weizmann Rosh Hashana Morning Tea

9 September 2013           JEMP AGM

10 September 2013         CSG Function with Chief Commissioner Ken Lay

11 September 2013         JCCV Patrons’ Briefing

12 September 2013         Cocktail reception to farewell Ambassador Yuval Rotem and Mrs. Miri Rotem

24 September 2013         Speaker, with Josh Frydenberg MP, Ted Baillieu MP and David Southwick MP in Chabad Succah in City Square

Radio interview with Peter Bell on 6PR on Judaism

JCCV Executive meeting


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