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Victorian Jewish & Muslim Communities Reinforcing Harmony

Victorian Jewish & Muslim Communities Reinforcing Harmony

23 March 2015

The Jewish Community Council of Victoria (JCCV) and the Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV) celebrated Harmony Day by co-hosting a Jewish – Muslim Friendship Dinner.  It was a wonderful celebration of multiculturalism and social inclusion, supported by all sides of politics with speakers including the Hon Robin Scott, Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Inga Peulich MP, Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Jennifer Huppert, President of the JCCV, Ghaith Krayem, President of the ICV, and Chin Tan, Chairperson of the Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC).

Over seventy Jewish and Muslim community leaders attended the event, including young leaders from ICV and the Australian Union of Jewish Students (AUJS), as well as a strong representation from members of parliament.

Jennifer Huppert, President of the JCCV welcomed the bipartisan support for multiculturalism, inclusiveness and respect in Victoria, and thanked the VMC and the Office of Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship for their support of the event.  Ms Huppert highlighted that the event was part of a series of initiatives being undertaken by the JCCV and ICV, and emphasised how important it was for the two communities to maintain their cultures while still being an integral part of the Australian community.

Ghaith Krayem, President of the ICV emphasised the importance of symbols and said that, “This event demonstrates commitment to common values and building bridges.  We need to be the ones, as faith and community leaders, who make a very tangible difference between Victoria and elsewhere in terms of making multiculturalism work.”

The Hon Robin Scott said that multiculturalism was not just bipartisan, but completely non-partisan, noting that leadership in the area was coming not just from the political sphere in Victoria, but across the community from diverse areas, such as the AFL and Victoria Police. “This is a community where we see people’s fundamental humanity first.”

Inga Peulich MP noted that the conversations taking place over meals were an important opportunity to bond, build friendships and create connections to develop future opportunities to work together.

Chin Tan, Chairperson of the VMC made the closing remarks for the evening and said that the VMC was proud to support the event and thanked the JCCV and ICV for working together so proactively to foster community harmony.  He said that the future success of multiculturalism was in the hands of the communities, working in partnership.

Media contacts
Jennifer Huppert, JCCV President, 03 9229 9832
Ghaith Krayem, President  ICV, 0451 230 026
David Marlow, Executive Director JCCV, 0407 389 919 or 03 9272 5579
Nail Aykan, General Manager ICV, 0430 545 800


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