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JCCV Condemns Racism and Religious Intolerance

JCCV Condemns Racism and Religious Intolerance

07 April 2015

The Jewish Community Council of Victoria (JCCV) condemns the Reclaim Australia rallies advocating and inciting religious intolerance which took place over the weekend.

Jennifer Huppert, JCCV President said, “we support freedom of speech but there is a line which should not be crossed.  The JCCV condemns any racial or religious vilification.”

The campaign against Halal certification is in reality nothing more than an attack on religious freedom. The JCCV is concerned that such attacks, fuelled by ignorance and misinformation, could easily spread to other targets.

The hatred, intolerance and vilification expressed at the rallies are inconsistent with the values of our multicultural community, which has welcomed people from all nations, all races and all religions.

Ms Huppert advised that, “the Facebook page known as the ‘Australian Jewish Communal Lobby’ is not affiliated with JCCV or any Jewish communal organisation, and does not represent the views of the Jewish community.”


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