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Age Editor-in-Chief Faces the Community

Age Editor-in-Chief Faces the Community

02 February 2016

The Editor-in-Chief of the Age Andrew Holden was the keynote speaker the February Plenum of the Jewish Community Council of Victoria (JCCV).  He spoke to over 100 community leaders, JCCV affiliate delegates and interested community members at the Beth Weizmann Community Centre.

The Jewish community has serious concerns about media bias and slanted reporting of the Israeli – Palestinian conflict, and Jennifer Huppert, JCCV President, thanked Mr Holden for being brave enough to attend and answer questions from the community.

Mr Holden met with community leaders from JCCV, Zionism Victoria, Zionist Federation of Australia, AIJAC and the Australian Union of Jewish Students prior to the Plenum, and there was a vigorous discussion regarding cases of perceived distorted reporting and serious omissions of context.

At the Plenum, Mr Holden sometimes found it difficult to respond to questioners who raised examples of biased reporting and opinion pieces with clear ideological slants, such as one that blamed Israel for the Paris terrorist attacks.

A couple of very well made points presented by Rabbi James Kennard were warmly welcomed by the audience.

Ms Huppert stated, “This was an excellent opportunity for the community to make its views known to The Age, and provided Mr Holden with the opportunity to defend the newspaper's position.  As Mr Holden said, I am not sure he sold any more newspapers tonight, but we thank him for the opportunity to have the discussion.”

“Maybe The Age will take an extra few seconds to think through their decision when next approving an opinion piece or choosing an article on Israel.”


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