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Community Organisations Learning to Keep Their Cool!

Community Organisations Learning to Keep Their Cool!

18 August 2016

The Jewish Community Council of Victoria (JCCV) hosted a seminar for leaders and professional staff from Jewish community organisations on Thursday aiming to help them ‘Keep Their Cool’.

The morning was opened by JCCV Vice President Atida Lipshatz.  The seminar followed on from previous seminars held on ‘Saying No’ and ‘Information Overload.’

Management Consultant and genius trainer Adam Slonim presented this fourth Emotional Intelligence seminar for the JCCV with participants from  over a dozen community organisations, including Synagogues, Zionist organisations and community service providers.

Some great ideas, tools and processes were presented to help community organisation staff maintain effective outcomes through understanding emotional intelligence, self awareness and empathy.

Mr Slonim stated, “A human being is like an iceberg…we don’t know what’s inside someone else’s head.”

“When our values are threatened, we are liable to act in ways we regret.  Trigger events cause physical reactions.  And we can all choose how we respond in those different situations.”

Mr Slonim stated, “It is important to listen for understanding, to pause and think before you act.”


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