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President's Report

President's Report

06 October 2014

Child Protection
The October Plenum will focus on Child Protection, with Georgie Crozier MP addressing the Plenum.

JCCV is continuing its work in the Child Protection area.

Ongoing workshops with existing groups are currently being planned with 6-7 sessions being proposed for 2015. JCCV is also seeking expressions of interest from organisations which did not participate this year and which may wish to undertake training in 2015 with the same program which was conducted so successfully this year.

In its response to the report of the Victorian Inquiry, “Betrayal of Trust”, the Victorian Government committed to consult with non-government organisations to make sure it understands communal concerns.

Bernie Geary, the Commissioner for Children and Young People is holding a number of discussions about proposed government child safe standards for Victorian organisations providing services to children and young people, at one of which I represented the Jewish community. The discussion was very productive, and it is expected that we will receive feedback later this year on the standards which will be applied.

Meetings with Government and Police
As part of its representational role on behalf of the community, JCCV participated in a number of meetings this month with Federal and State Parliamentarians and members of Victoria Police.

• ECAJ, ORA meeting with Minister Kevin Andrews MP on a broad range of issues, including security and child protection

• ECAJ, AIJAC meeting with Opposition Leader Bill Shorten MP, Michael Danby MP and Mark Dreyfus MP on a number of issues, predominantly security and Israel.

• Meeting with Hon. Nick Wakeling MP and David Southwick MP with Dvir Abramovich, Matthew Lesh and Vice-Chancellors/or their representatives to discuss antisemitism on campus

• Meeting with David Southwick MP, Assistant Commissioner Andrew Crisp, Chief of Staff of Hon Kim Wells MP and Simon Glynn to discuss security issues.

• “Shmooze with the Blues” lunch hosted by CSG for Victoria Police.

• Community briefing by Victoria Police on security and emergency planning issues.

Council of Presidents Meeting
The recent Council of Presidents meeting on the issue of communal strategic planning was extremely well attended, with broad participation.

No specific conclusions were reached, and realistically, on such a big topic, none could be expected.  Nonetheless, there was the will to proceed to discuss the issue and it is proposed to produce  a white paper to try to gauge whether there is a need for a strategic planning body and if so, what shape it might take.

Jewish-Indian Dinner
This was a very successful function, with contacts being made and joint activities being planned by various sections of our community. My thanks to David Marlow and Hilary McMahon for the planning and running of the event.

Thessaloniki Association Function at Parliament
In celebrating 30 years of sister city association between Thessaloniki and City of Melbourne, the Thessaloniki Association’s first function was “Remembering the Jews of Thessaloniki”. JCCV was delighted to be asked to participate in this function and Helen Light gave one of the two key-note addresses, giving a wonderful historical overview of the richly textured lives of the Thessaloniki Jewish community.

Babi Yar Commemoration
This was a well-planned and well-executed event, as well as an extremely moving one and was conducted by JCCV together with the Australian Forum of Russian Speaking Jewry, Kangarusski, the Association of Nazi Victims and Russian Sunday School LIDER, and with the co-operation of the Jewish Holocaust Centre.

It was a landmark event for the community, commemorating one of the most tragic and for a long time, lesser known events in the history of the Shoah.

AUJS National Assembly
AUJS recently held its National Assembly and elections in Melbourne and I congratulate newly-elected National President Dean Sherr and all the incoming Executive members and wish them a successful term of office.

JCCV has been awarded a HEY (Health Equals Youth) Grant from the Youth Affairs Council to address mental health issues in the Jewish GLBTI community, with particular focus on communication and  producing a video about the importance of inclusion.

Australian Forum of Russian Speaking Jewry (AFRJ)
The Australian Forum of Russian Speaking Jewry has requested to become an affiliate of JCCV.

AFJR has complied with all the necessary requirements and the Executive recommends the affiliation of AFJR.  Dr Alex Taube, President of AFJR will address the Plenum and the motion for AFRJ to become an affiliate will be put.

Leadership Conference - The changed paradigm of Leadership and Philanthropy
There has been strong registration for the conference, which is being conducted jointly by JCCV and Australian Jewish Funders and which will feature Andres Spokoiny, President and CEO of the Jewish Funders Network of USA.

There will be two workshop sessions, one for Board leaders and one for professional staff and they will cover areas such as re-evaluating traditional ideas of leadership, engaging next generation philanthropists, attuning community organisations to new social trends and other topics dealing with effective leadership and community engagement.

There is still an opportunity to register for both sessions, to be held on 18 and 19 November 2014.

Forthcoming Events

  • Anglican Dinner – 7:00pm on Monday 27 October 2014  at Beth Weizmann
  • Child Protection Workshop – 9:30am Tuesday 28 October 2014
  • Professional Networking with Adam Slonim – 9.00 am Thursday  30 October 2014
  • Mitzvah Day – Sunday 16 November 2014
  • JCCV Community Awards – 7:30pm Monday 17 November 2014
  • Fundraising & Leadership training with Andres Spokoiny:
  • Board members 4.00pm-9.00pm Tuesday 18 Nov November 2014
  • Professional Staff 10.00 am-4.00 pm Wednesday  19 November 2014
  • JCCV AGM  - 24 November 2014

Kol Nidrei Appeal
I would like to thank all the synagogues which enabled JCCV to hold a Kol Nidrei Appeal. This appeal greatly assists in maintaining our financial viability and we are very grateful for the cooperation of the participating synagogues.

G'mar Chatima Tova and Chag Sameach

Nina Bassat AM


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