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JCCV Statement On The Passing Of The Marriage Equality Legislation

JCCV Statement On The Passing Of The Marriage Equality Legislation

07 December 2017

The Jewish Community Council of Victoria (JCCV) is delighted that marriage equality has now been legislated and that all Australians regardless of their sexual orientation, and their families, will be treated as equal under Australian law.

JCCV President Jennifer Huppert stated, "This was a difficult and contentious process but we welcome the outcome.  The JCCV would like to thank past Executives of the JCCV, the JCCV LGBTI Reference Groups and affiliates for their advocacy and support throughout this difficult process, and appreciate that the Australian Government retained its commitment to ensure legislation passed by the end of the year."

"We also recognise the impact that the debate and survey had on the LGBTI members of community, and hope that anyone facing mental health concerns as a result, seek appropriate support and assistance."

"We must also ensure that our community is inclusive for all community members and that our community organisations maintain inclusive practices and procedures to ensure LGBTI individuals and their families feel welcome, respected and valued."

Those seeking support and assistance can download a copy of the JCCV LGBTI Services Directory to seek support from an appropriate service provider.


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