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Jewish Care supporting our Community

Jewish Care supporting our Community

14 October 2010

October 2010 includes Mental Health Week and Poverty Week, so it is timely to be aware of the services offered to the Jewish Community to be able to best support ourselves, our family and friends and to give generously to those in need.

As a child my grandma lived in the Montefiore Homes in a high dependency unit. As time passed and Montefiore and Jewish Welfare merged as Jewish Care, I was left with my memories of Monte as an aged care provider. Yet today, Jewish Care offers a vast array of community services such as employment advice and financial support.

With the help of the Jewish community, Jewish Care supports the vulnerable, provides aid in times of hardship and crisis, and creates opportunities to strengthen the wellbeing and resilience of our community.

In 1848, visionaries in our community established the foundations of Jewish Care and today, Jewish Care  provides vital support for over 30,000 individuals and families in need. It is the first point of contact for people suffering unemployment problems, homelessness, emotional and financial difficulties, mental health issues and those living with disability.

Jewish Care service provision ranges across Community Support, Disability and Services for Older People and detailed explanations of these services can be found on the Jewish Care Website. However, I have chosen to highlight some of the community and disability services Jewish Care provides for poverty and mental wellbeing to direct people to support services and acknowledge that these issues do indeed exist in our community.

The Community Support Services of Jewish Care support people constrained through relationships, finances, work and housing. Some of the services encompass:

  • Professional counseling for temporary help or ongoing support in parenting, relationships, trauma, past abuse, addiction and mental health;
  • Financial assistance and advice as a stop-gap measure or interest free loans and assistance to low-income families to save for their children’s education while providing families with life skills to better manage their financial situation. Call 8517 5670 or email;
  • Housing support to assist with applying for accommodation and assistance in finding live-in or shared arrangements; and
  • Employment and training though Always Moving Forward helping first-time job seekers to managers. This Jewish Care agency assists with interview skills, resume writing and vocational courses in business and basic computing. Contact Always Moving Forward on 9528 4466 or;

Disability Services support those encountering a range of difficulties from accessing essential services to chronic social exclusion. For many people, this leads to a life of isolation, discrimination, and a feeling of being forgotten by society.

To help, Jewish Care provides:

  • Outreach to deliver services and activities in the home to assist independent living from completing forms to shopping, budgeting or learning a new skill;
  • A range of accommodation from individualised support and community inclusion to children’s respite with day and sleepover programs on weekends, Jewish and school holidays. This program is available for children aged six to 18 with a disability;
  • Recreational activities for people with disabilities and their siblings;
  • Adult mental health programs focused on social and recreational opportunities;
  • Schools Integration Program to support Jewish children with special needs to attend a Jewish school;
  • Supported Accommodation in five community residences for adults with a disability;
  • Individual Support through government funded, individual support packages; and
  • Futures for Young Adults (FFYA) for the transition from school to other pathways.

If you need Jewish Care’s help, please contact Jewish Care on (03) 8517 5999 or To support their vital services call 1800 JEWISH (1800 539 474) or go to

Jo Silver
JCCV Project Manager


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