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On White Ribbon Day - JCCV says No to Violence Againt Women

On White Ribbon Day - JCCV says No to Violence Againt Women

25 November 2010

On behalf of its constituent members, the Executive of the Jewish Community Council of Victoria (JCCV) today condemns violence against women in general and women suffering violence in the Jewish community in particular.

JCCV president John Searle stated today:

“Violence in Victorian society constitutes a problem for all of its members, but it is largely women who bear its brunt.  The statistics are shocking: one in three Australian women has experienced physical violence, and almost as many have experienced violence of a sexual nature.  The effects of such acts are horrendous, scarring not only its victims psychologically and physically, but also those who witness its occurrence.  And indeed the perpetrators are themselves damaged by their own brutality.

Unfortunately there are too many members of the Victorian Jewish community who have come to believe its myths.  They see our shtetl as immune to the mistreatment of its women and children, just as they avert their eyes from those of our young who abuse themselves with drugs and alcohol.

Thankfully there are those in our community who see beyond this idealisation.  Organisations such as the Jewish Taskforce against Domestic Violence, Jewish Care, Wings of Care and others provide aid for the victims of this fantasy, just as the JCCV’s Youth Alcohol Project seeks to provide answers to the substance abuse issues affecting Victorian Jewry.

It is inherent in our faith and tradition that we must protect the vulnerable and care for those persons who cannot help themselves. To remain silent is to be culpable. Hence on this day we jointly raise our voices against violence, particularly that directed at women, in all its physical and psychological manifestations.”

Please direct any media enquiries to John Searle on 9272 5566


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