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Calling on all Youth to join the JCCV Volunteer Fair

Calling on all Youth to join the JCCV Volunteer Fair

10 February 2011

The JCCV Volunteer Fair is to be held at Beth Weizmann on Monday 14th Februruary at 7pm. This Valentine’s Day, give your love to the Jewish community and help develop a rich and thriving community by supporting a Jewish organisation of your choice.

This event started as a conversation with the organisers of Israel By Choice (IBC) and the Jewish Community Council of Victoria (JCCV) President, John Searle. The aim was to capture the enthusiasm and energy of the returning IBC youths who had volunteered in Israel. In the last week, the Israel Programs Co-ordinator, Brendan Bensky, from the Zionist Federation of Australia has joined the fair and will be inviting all the alumni from the Masa Israel and Taglit-Birthright Israel frameworks as well.

According to the Volunteering Victoria website, communities are strengthened by the participation of its citizens and people’s sense of belonging and worth grow when they are given plenty of choices and chances to make a difference. John Searle, President of the JCCV concurs. “Our community depends upon the tireless efforts of our many volunteers and we need constant regeneration of people and ideas to invigorate the community and drive it forwards. Especially given the insurgence of IT, many of our existing frameworks are outmoded and this is a big opportunity for our youth to make a difference. I truly believe that our youth have a lot to offer and we must give them every opportunity to become involved, on their terms”

The fair will include nearly twenty community organisations including Jewish Care, Jewish Aid, UIA, Wizo, Courage to Care and CSG. Each organisation will present about their volunteering opportunities and then the youth will be able to visit individual stands. John Searle asks that you join with us on the night and volunteer within the community.

For further information, contact Jo Silver on 9272 5642.


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