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Jewish Community Rallies Against Bushfires

09 February 2009

Victorian Jewry rallies against bushfire devastation.

Together with other Victorians, the local Jewish community has rapidly mobilised to provide practical and spiritual help for the victims of the bushfires that have struck Victoria with such devastating effects.

Jewish Community Council of Victoria president John Searle stated today:

“It is impossible to comprehend the magnitude of the disaster that has struck Victorian families, so quickly and so brutally. It is equally difficult to understand the courage and fortitude shown by emergency services and ordinary people alike.

Yet now is not a time for reflection. Rather it is a time to provide practical and spiritual solace and this is what we are requesting of our community.

While there are numerous Jewish organisations taking their own initiatives (and for which we commend them), the JCCV is largely working with Jewish Aid Australia and Magen David Adom.

We understand that what is most useful now is donations of money. The JCCV is collaborating with Jewish Aid Australia in this regard. The most effective way of providing such donations is online at: Any queries should be addressed to Lisa Buchner 0410 550 102 or

Magen David Adom is assisting with material aid, including clothing, shoes, toys and linen. The following drop off points are available:

146 Kooyong Road, Caulfield
8 Gray Street, Brighton
Midali Espresso - 261 Carlisle Street, Balaclava (7am - 6pm only, 7 days a week)
4 Glen Rd, Toorak

Please package all items in garbage bags and leave them on the porch if no one is home.

For any queries please contact:

Glynis Lipson - 0418 102 891, 9272 5633 or
Michael Spektor - 0412 666 696 or
Emma Lipson - 0412 944 610 or

Finally, The Rabbinical Council of Victoria together with The Council of Orthodox Synagogues of Victoria and Caulfield Hebrew Congregation are calling on the Victorian Jewish community of Victoria to attend an ‘Evening of Prayer and Action’, 7:45pm – 8.45pm this Thursday at Caulfield Hebrew Congregation, 572 Inkerman Road Caulfield.

The JCCV urges you all to dig deep to support our fellow Victorians. I also ask you to join us in praying that those suffering in this terrible disaster, and the courageous fire-fighters and emergency workers will find the strength to continue until it is over.”

Please address any queries to Geoffrey Zygier 9272 5579

To read messages from the Premier of Victoria and the Leader of the Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition - See attached.


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