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The Jewish Community on Racism

The Jewish Community on Racism

23 February 2011

The President of the Jewish Community Council of Victoria (JCCV), John Searle, is not surprised by the news that Victoria has levels of racism and intolerance. Searle is a realist and recognises that racism will always exist on some level but believes that Australia is a wonderful place to live regardless of race.

In a statement made today, Searle stated: “Unfortunately I am not surprised to hear that antisemitism exists; our community suffers numerous attacks each year. However, antisemitism does not at this point in time appear to be on the increase and it is felt that only a small proportion of people who harbor such prejudices would act on them.”

Searle continued that “generally speaking, Australia and Victoria are great places to live, with the majority of people being accepting of integration and tolerant in their attitudes and behaviours. I suspect it is a lack of familiarity that may explain the prejudices and this provokes feelings of suspicion, fear, mistrust or occasional violence.”

In recognition of developing and furthering relationships with the broader Victorian community, the JCCV and other Jewish community organizations are heavily involved in interfaith activity. Through this work, people of all races and religions can foster understanding, tolerance and harmony, to peacefully live side by side.

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