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JCCV Ask whether Antisemitism is on the Rise

JCCV Ask whether Antisemitism is on the Rise

29 March 2011

Ten per cent of Australians are racists according to Challenging Racism, the recent report on a twelve year study by the University of Western Sydney. However these statistics pale into insignificance compared to the one in four respondents that the report alleges hold anti-Jewish views.

While this study has been questioned by distinguished academics, most prominently social researcher Professor Andrew Markus from the Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation, antisemitism is an issue never far from the minds of most Jewish communities. To this end the Jewish Community Council of Victoria is bringing together a group of experts in this field to discuss this vexed question.

The Addressing Antisemitism forum will be held at Beth Weizmann at 7.30pm, 11 April, preceding the JCCV’s plenum (which will commence at no later than 9.00pm). Its speakers will include the University of Melbourne’s Dr Yin Paradies who contributed to the Challenging Racism report; Deborah Stone, former editor of the Australian Jewish News and currently Executive Director of the B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission; and Dan Goodhardt, staffer to new MP for Caulfield David Southwick and a researcher on antisemitism for the Community Security Group.

According to JCCV president John Searle, the forum is timely, given recent attempts to boycott Israel. “The Victorian Jewish community is opposed to racism, vilification and discrimination aimed at any individual or community. The JCCV has no issue with people who may disagree with Israel’s policies. However when only one people or country in a clearly imperfect world is singled out as the target for BDS activity, this is unquestionably racist and will only perpetuate the differences between Jews and Palestinians.”

Searle welcomed community members to attend the forum and to stay on to attend the plenum if they so wish.

Please address any queries to John Searle at 03 92725566


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