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JCCV Welcomes Amendments to Equal Opportunity Act

JCCV Welcomes Amendments to Equal Opportunity Act

06 May 2011

The Jewish Community Council of Victoria (JCCV) is delighted to see that the Victorian Government is proposing amendments to the Equal Opportunity Act as recently announced by the Attorney General, Robert Clark. In particular, the JCCV sees the amendments as rectifying anomalies in Victorian Equal Opportunity legislation as it relates to religious based schools and organisations.

The new laws will remove the “inherent requirement” test that could lead to a situation where faith based schools and organisations may have been required to hire staff with values inconsistent with the school ethos and principles.

JCCV president John Searle said that “the provisions that remove the inherent requirement test as it applies to faith based schools is a vast improvement for all Victorians and will ensure that all faith based schools will be able to hire staff who uphold the values and beliefs of the school and the school population. This is a very positive step for all those schools and organisations.”

“I believe this amendment will be welcomed by many in the school system as there were grave concerns that had been expressed to me about the current restrictions and the way they were likely to impact on schools and other organisations”, Searle added

These amendments reinforce the government’s commitment and the commitment of all Victorians to ensure we have a workable Equal Opportunity Act that does not impose unrealistic impositions.

Searle noted that “the amendments will ensure we have a fair balance between preventing discrimination and ensuring that schools and other organisations are able to employ people who conform with the value system and beliefs of the organisation. In this way, we will limit the possibilities for clashes, offence and tension in the workplace.”

Please address any queries to John Searle at 03 9272 5566


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