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JCCV says if you are Jewish stand up and be counted in the 2011 Census

JCCV says if you are Jewish stand up and be counted in the 2011 Census

27 July 2011

The Jewish Community Council of Victoria has advised all affiliates that the CENSUS is critical for the provision of accurate statistics on Jewish numbers and location.

John Searle, President of the Jewish Community Council (JCCV) is aware that the Jewish community misses out on vital services and funds as the Jewish population in Victoria is not adequately represented in the CENSUS due to the voluntary nature of question 19 and the low participation rates in the CENSUS.

In a statement made today, Searle said:

“If you are Jewish, then be counted as a member of the Jewish Community by answering question 19 on religious affiliation as – ‘Jewish’ or ‘Judaism’.

Accurate representation ensures that effective planning and funding is allocated to the Jewish community by Federal, State and Local Governments. It also enables community services and organisations to adequately resource schools, healthcare, agedcare, childcare and other essential services”.

The JCCV is the peak body of Victorian Jewry, and provides leadership and a voice to live as Jews and participate fully and without prejudice in Victorian society. In order to achieve our vision through collaboration, advocacy, representation and support both within the Jewish Community and externally, we need your support in providing accurate statistics on Jewish Victoria.

For further information, please contact:

John Searle, President JCCV – (03) 9272 5566
Michelle Coleman, Executive Director JCCV – (03) 9272 5579


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