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Meet the New JCCV Executive Director

Meet the New JCCV Executive Director

30 August 2011

Meet Michelle Coleman, newly appointed Executive Director, JCCV

It was with enormous excitement that I accepted the role of Executive Director of the Jewish Community Council of Victoria.

My excitement stemmed from the opportunity to be involved in work that I am passionate about: representing and advocating for our community, ensuring that we are able to live as Jews in safety and security, fostering harmony between the wonderfully diverse elements that form our community, nurturing positive relationships between us, other faiths and the wider Victorian community, and generally enabling our unique Jewish ‘voice’ and contribution to resonate within a multicultural Australia.

Lofty goals these may be - some may even call us idealists - but they are the driving force behind everything we do at the JCCV.

In Ethics of the Fathers, we learn: "It is not your responsibility to finish the work [of perfecting the world], but you are not free to desist from it either". In this vein, we take immense pride in the successes we see on a daily basis, all the while bearing in mind that there is a great deal more to be done.

I have spent much of the last four weeks meeting with many of our 60 affiliates and learning about the wonderful work they do in our community. Be it educating our children, preserving our immense cultural heritage, fighting anti-Semitism, promoting the advancement of women or tending to our aged, their dedication to ensuring a vibrant, engaged and caring community is impressive. I hope to continue learning about our affiliate members and working with them over the coming months and years.

For this is at the crux of what the JCCV is about: collaborating with our affiliates to provide leadership, representation and a voice to live as Jews and participate fully and without prejudice in Victorian society.

We are well aware that the JCCV’s success is based on building our networks, resources and reputation. Therefore, my goal is to strengthen and enhance these to secure the JCCV’s position as the powerful and responsible voice of our community. Our community requires and indeed deserves a highly reputable peak body in the JCCV to have its needs and interests served most successfully.

I also hope to see the JCCV support and partner with our existing community organisations on key issues. It is by working together that I believe we are best able to achieve great things both efficiently and effectively.

Lastly, as part of our new strategic direction and its strong focus on affiliates, we plan on developing services to assist our affiliates in developing their organisations and strengthening their links with the community. Our recent professional networking breakfasts were just a beginning.

Watch this space: great things are happening at the JCCV!


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