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President's Report

President's Report

03 October 2011



We are having plans prepared to expand our present location in the building so as to provide for more offices and accommodate the ADC rather than moving downstairs. In all likelihood, the move will not be completed prior to April 2012.


This issue received significant attention in the media both at the time the revelations surfaced and when the police charged an alleged offender. I am not sure that we have heard the end of the allegations of sexual abuse or attempted cover-ups. No doubt it will re appear in the media as each stage of the issue is played out.


Demonstrations are continuing and media attention, predominantly negative, is increasing. A large number of demonstrators, possibly over 200 attended the last 2 demonstrations on 29 July & 9 September 2011. Despite signs warning they would be regarded as trespassers, the demonstrators were still allowed to enter both Melb Central and QV after assembling at the State Library. They protested in close vicinity to Max Brenner. There was a large police presence on each occasion. No arrests  were made at the time although about 11 days after the July demonstration, the police arrested 4 people who had breached bail by participating in this demonstration.

I, together with Sam Tatarka, met P Ryan, Minister for Police & R Clark, Attorney General, to discuss our concerns with policing of the ongoing demonstrations. We received a warm response.

I spoke at the pro Israeli rally held on 31 August organised by the Young Liberals.

Sam Tatarka and I met with Marsha Thomson and Martin Pakula to discuss the issue of BDS.


I am continuing to liaise very effectively with politicians. The meeting with Daniel Andrews, which was initiated by him was particularly useful as we discussed a range of issues. He also wanted to reassure me that his party is on side in relation to the BDS issue and is totally opposed to the BDS demonstrations.

The tribute to Marsha Thomson with NCJWA (Vic) on 14 September was very successful.

Another politicians’ lunch which we co host with the ZCV has been organised for 8 November.

The briefing given to the Parliamentary friends of Israel by Neil Lazaraus was excellent.


The supper meeting between student leaders and our Exec members combined with ZCV held at BW on 31 August was fantastic and should lead to far greater communication.


Simon De Winter has agreed to become the chair of the Patrons. Jack Gringlas will be remaining as a patron.


The report will be issued in the next month or so and although some negative response is expected it is hoped that our community will receive the report positively.


The function with the Indian Jewish community was an outstanding success and something the JCCV should be very proud of having organised.

Chanukah in the City is looking most unlikely.

We have organised a dinner with members of the Croatian community. It will be held on Sunday, 13 November 2011. The film evening organised by the ICV was also an excellent opportunity to interact.


Problems with appeal periods are continuing to arise. There have been issues raised by ADC and MDA. It is important that all organisations respect the allocated appeal periods of other organisations.


Our Wikipedia entry has now been completed. Thanks to Michelle.


On 23 August 2011 the Attorney General announced my appointment as as Chairperson of the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Equal Rights Commission. The appointment has been made in the knowledge of my Presidency of the JCCV and my other communal positions. There is not considered to be any conflict of interest.


02 Aug 11          J Copsey, Advisor to Attorney General
04 Aug 11          Meeting – Deon Kamien, re JEMP
04 Aug 11          YAP meeting
09 Aug 11          Antun Babic, Croatian Consul General at Max Brenner
11 Aug 11           GLBT Reference Group
15 Aug 11          Yom Hashoah
16 Aug 11          ZFA focus group – “Hugging & wrestling with Israel”
19 Aug 11          CSG
21 Aug 11          ZFA Conference
22 Aug 11         Daniel Andrews, Leader of the Opposition
23 Aug 11         JEMP TC
23 Aug 11         BDS
24 Aug 11         Daniel Aghion
24 Aug 11         JCCV Executive
25 Aug 11   Advisor to Attorney General
30 Aug 11 Marsha Thomson MP & Martin Pakula MP
31 Aug 11         Simon De Winter
31 Aug 11         Rabbi Herzog
01 Sept 11         Police & Centre management representatives re BDS protests
01 Sept 11         CSG Advisory Board
05 Sept 11        Re 9/11 event
06 Sep 11          Max Stern
06 Sep 11          Initial meeting of Australian Voices for Israel
07 Sep 11          GLBT Ref group
12 Sep 11           Jewish Museum (address given)
12 Sep 11          ZFA Advocacy forum
14 Sep 11          CSG Advisory Board briefing session
15 Sep 11          Simon Sztayer re elderly care
15 Sep 11          Peter Ryan (deputy Premier and Minister for Police & Emergency Services), Robert Clark (Attorney General) & David Southwick MP – accompanied by Sam Tatarka.
19 Sep 11          Glynis Lipson
19 Sep 11          JCCV Executive
20 Sep 11         JEMP Technical Committee
20 Sep 11         Jack Gringlas & S De Winter
21 Sep 11         Sylvia Green, Jean Katson & Anne Zablud
23 Sep 11         S Cowan
25 Sep 11        D Lamm, M Kalkopf & R Lissauer
3 Oct 11           ECAJ- CJES committee
3 Oct 11           JCCV Plenum


03 Aug 11      Lecture – Amos OZ
04 Aug 11      Iftar Dinner
05 Aug 11      Spirit of Australia, Tribute to Monash
07 Aug 11      Vajex Memorial event
10 Aug 11      Breakfast with communal leaders
11 Aug 11      Luncheon for community leaders
14 Aug 11     Induction of Rabbi Glasman
14 Aug 11     JCCV forum – “How to protect my children against sexual assault”
16 Aug 11     Maccabbi “Legends Dinner”
22 Aug 11    Farewell tribute to Helen Szoke
23 Aug 11    Lecture given on BDS to CEC meeting
23 Aug 11    Hadassah hospital dinner
24 Augt 11  AIJAC luncheon for Mr Uzi Landau MK
25 Aug 11    Dinner with Mr Uzi Landau MK
25 Aug 11    Community briefing by Mr Uzi Landau MK
26 Aug 11    Dinner with J Merlino, Shadow Minister
30 Aug 11    Opening of Israeli film festival
31 Aug 11    Oration by M Warren
31 Aug 11    Young Labor rally at Max Brenner
31 Aug 11    Supper with Student leaders
04 Sep 11     Supporting Israel rally – Max Brenner
09 Sep 11     JNF Gold Patrons lunch
09 Sep 11     Dinner with Advisor to the Attorney General
11 Sep 11     Event with Indian Jewish community
11 Sep 11     BSHC 9/11 memorial event
13 Sep 11     Parliamentary friends of Israel briefing by Neil Lazaraus
14 Sep 11     Tribute to Marsha Thomson
21 Sep 11     AIJAC luncheon with the Premier
21 Sep 11     JNF Gala Dinner
22 Sep 11     UJEP premises opening
26 Sep 11     JCCV RH Breakfast
26 Sep 11     Film evening with ICV
03 Oct 11      Buddha’s Light Event


03 Aug 11  Interview – “Southern Star” re GLBT call for submissions
05 Aug 11  Interview – “Joy FM” ” re GLBT call for submissions
12 Aug 11  Interview for “The Sunday Age”
21 Aug 11  Quoted in “Sunday Age” article re racial tension
26 Aug 11  Uzi Landau community briefing
26 Aug 11  Meeting with Heidi Herschede from the US Embassy
01 Sep 11    Uni leadership supper
12 Sep 11    Interview by John Masanauskas (Herald Sun) re Hizb Ut-Tahrir
12 Sep 11     Jewish Indian community brunch
13 Sep 11    Quoted in Herald Sun re Hizb Ut-Tahrir
15 Sep 11    Interview by Tom Hyland (Sunday Age) re BDS
18 Sep 11    Quoted in Sunday Age re BDS
19 Sep 11    re Hizb Ut- Tahrir seminar

John Searle, 3 October 2011


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