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President's Report

President's Report

06 February 2012



The executive is working on implementing the strategy developed last year, with the main focus being on greater communal engagement and affiliate support...


In line with the goal of providing better service to our affiliates and of encouraging partnering, JCCV is presenting the following events:

  • Professional development workshop for community professionals and lay leaders with Professor Bethamie Horowitz – JCCV together with Monash University Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation on 10 February 2012
  • Forum  “Engaging the Difficult Student” with ZCV on 19 February 2012 featuring Israeli educators, including Professor David Samson
  • On 4 March, JCCV will host a community leadership forum, “Strengthening our Community” led and facilitated by Professor Leon Mann, Director of the Research Leadership Unit at the University of Melbourne. We hope that this will be the first of a number of community development forums, and we are very fortunate to have someone of Professor Mann’s stature involved.
  • Planning to organize a Volunteer Fair, resulting in a Volunteer Register for the whole community.


The funding agreement with the VMC has been signed. Subject to JNF moving to its new premises downstairs by early March, we hope to be able to co-locate with ADC into our premises by end May 2012. The new office will be located where the current office is, but will extend to include part of the area now occupied by JNF.


BDS event is planned for Friday 10 February 2012. Different format - “tour” of businesses supporting Israeli products, with “tour guides”, commencing in Bourke Street Mall and finishing at Max Brenner.

CSG have advised as follows:

  • CSG is discussing the matter with police and will brief us after the discussions
  • As previously, members of the community are encouraged NOT to attend, particularly as this will be a “touring” protest, making communal involvement more problematic and making a confrontation more likely
  • Whether representations need to be made by Sam Tatarka and myself to either police or in other areas is being assessed by CSG, who will advise accordingly



I attended the forum, which dealt with Federal Government initiative for terrorism prevention. The Federal Government is providing funding for programs which engage with youth at risk of becoming involved in extremist groups and potential terrorist activity and the forum was attended by representatives of a number of communities, as well as organisations and groups which work with youth at risk.

Engaging with other communities is one of the suggested methods for breaking down barriers and making marginalised groups feel more accepted. Helen Light and I met with Abeselom Nega CEO of iEmpower, a group working with African youth at risk. He is interested in establishing a connection between the Jewish community and the African community, both socially and in targeted programs, such as sport and leadership training. In light of some of the areas in which various affiliates are involved, hopefully this will be a project which will include a number of affiliates working together with the JCCV.

I also addressed a leadership group run by Jewish Aid Australia, which has been working for a number of years with men from the Darfur and Nuba mountain region.

The group is interested in learning more about the Jewish community and in particular, how a minority community structures itself.


There are some anomalies and concerns which have been raised in relation to the Appeal Allocation Rules. A sub-committee consisting of John Searle, Jennifer Huppert, Andrew Rajcher and myself will address these issues and report back to the executive and the Plenum with recommendations.


The four year term for which the patrons undertook to fund the JCCV has expired, and we are now in the process of asking the current patrons to renew their commitment and are also seeking new patrons. Simon de Winter and Jack Gringlas are approaching potential patrons. I have met with them and am indebted to them for the work that they are doing.


Today I attended an AIJAC lunch with the leader of the opposition Daniel Andrews, and JCCV is working with David Southwick in relation to the BDS Petition which he proposes to present to Parliament.


A number of affiliates have invited me to attend one of their board meetings and I hope that will provide a useful exchange of plans and ideas. I am not so foolish as to think these meetings will be without their contentious issues, but am nonetheless looking forward to an exciting year of working together.


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