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JCCV & ICV Annual Dinner

22 April 2008

Annual Jewish community council of Victoria/Islamic council of Victoria dinner a resounding success.

Anton Block, president of the Jewish Community Council of Victoria, the peak body of Victorian Jewry, said today:

“Last week the Jewish Community Council of Victoria hosted the annual dinner for executive members and staff of the Islamic Council of Victoria and ourselves.

Twelve members of our communities shared an informal meal at Beth Weizmann, Victorian Jewry’s community centre. In this relaxed environment, we shared something even more important: our personal experiences; reflections on our mutual membership of minority faiths and cultures; common concerns and fears; and future plans for joint activities.

During the course of this evening, we acknowledged that there are issues on which our communities may not agree. At the same time, however, we were adamant that these issues must not predominate in our relationship. We owe this not only to the Jewish and Islamic communities, but even more particularly to this wonderful country which has offered all of us a home and in many cases refuge and the opportunity to rebuild shattered lives.

Last Saturday, The Age’s editorial praised an Israeli AFL team comprising Israelis and Palestinians which will take part in a competition in Melbourne later this year. Without detracting from this exercise, it should be realised that myriad bridge-building events are continually taking place in Australia and elsewhere. Our dinner was one such example”.

For further information, please contact:

Anton Block 0418 320 417 or Geoffrey Zygier 0413 731 545


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