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President's Report

President's Report

02 April 2012



JCCV Leadership Forum for affiliate leadership was extremely successful, with very good attendance and very active and productive participation. I would like to express my gratitude to Jo Silver for the initiative and the follow-up work in organizing this event and to Professor Leon Mann for his willingness to so very expertly facilitate. His input was invaluable.

From the response on the day it was evident that the workshop met a real need among the affiliates. On the suggestion of Professor Mann, it is proposed to continue to work with the leaders of JCCV affiliates in a series of breakfasts or other meetings on a range of topics such as finding and nurturing successors, transitions for volunteers, forming  alliances (clusters) between like-minded small organisations to share ideas and resources, achieve critical mass, efficiency, and impact.

A follow-up forum/workshop is planned for October.


JCCV partnered with ACJC at Monash University to run a professional networking conference on Jewish identity. There was attendance by representatives of many of our affiliates, all of whom found the conference to be interesting and stimulating.


In February, I addressed the annual AUJS conference at Bacchus Marsh on leadership and found the students to be very interested in communal affairs and structures. The students were extremely proactive in engaging in issues and some very lively discussion took place.

Jo Silver is working with Yossi Reicher and Daniel Nash of AUJS and a sub-committee to set up a function involving AUJS, JCCV, ZCV & and ADC.

AUJS has created an innovative and effective poster campaign on campus to counter the effect of Apartheid week and I congratulate them on this creative initiative. There have been ongoing problems at Monash University, particularly with Students for Palestine and Socialist Alliance and AUJS is addressing the issues.


I have met on several occasions with Simon Glynn and attended a volunteer training session and CSG Advisory Board meetings. The volunteers, professional staff and Advisory Board are totally committed to protecting our community and I thank them for their dedication.

The Executive has co-opted Jack Lipson to serve as the CSG representative on the Executive, subject to ratification by the Plenum.


There are some anomalies and a lack of clarity in some of the Rules. A sub-committee consisting of Jennifer Huppert, John Searle, Andrew Rajcher and myself has drafted proposed amendments to the Appeal Rules. The amendments have been accepted by the Executive and will be put to the Appeals Allocations Committee for approval.


Following the privately operated Purim party there was a great deal of publicity about the drunken behaviour of young Jewish people and the major disruption to ambulance and police services as a result of the need for treatment and supervision of the young people affected by alcohol abuse. There were two confronting issues - the first being that so many young people, many of them children of no more than 12 or 13, have insufficient knowledge, guidance and supervision to understand the effects of alcohol and the second that our community caused a drain on already over-stressed ambulance and police services.

Clearly much more work needs to be done in our community, and YAP is again offering programs to students through the Jewish Day Schools. It is hoped to expand and increase the scope the Youth Alcohol Program, subject to JCCV being able to raise the necessary funds.

Debbie Zauder, the YAP Project Officer is working extremely hard to promote and implement the program.


JCCV and Jewish Care have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to proceed with a feasibility study into the viability of the project. There appears to be a very real need for a structured and centralised volunteer system in the community and Jewish Care and JCCV look forward to a productive process which we hope will culminate in a Volunteer Centre which will serve the entire community. JCCV is delighted to be working with Jewish Care in this initiative, with each organisation bringing to the partnership its own area of expertise.


I was invited to speak at the celebration, which was an extremely successful function, with very good attendance. Clearly “Kadimah” continues to be a vibrant organisation, with much to offer the community. I congratulate “Kadimah” on its 100 year anniversary and wish it very many more years of communal engagement.


I thank Mr. Antun Babic, the Croatian Consul-General for his swift and heartfelt expression of condolence following the murders of Rabbi Yonatan Sandler and his sons Arieh and Grabriel and Miriam Monsonego in Toulouse.

Following last year’s successful event, and as part of our policy of engaging with other communities, JCCV is planning to hold the second dinner with the Croatian community on 29 April 2012.


At a function held jointly by JCCV, AIJAC and UIA, approximately 120 people attended to hear Dr. Emanuele Ottolenghi and Yaakov Katz speak about the situation in the Middle East, particularly in the context of Iran and its development of nuclear weapons. The evening was extremely informative and thought-provoking, with many questions from the audience following the address by the guest speakers.


The Commemoration Service will be held at Carlton Cemetery on Sunday 15 April 2012. Attendances at this service have, over the last few years, declined and there have also been problems when there has been inclement weather, After consultation with members of the Association of Katzetlers  Partisans and Fighters it was decided that a service would be held at Carlton Cemetery this year, but that in future years we should consider an alternate venue.


Attended AIJAC lunch with guest speaker Daniel Andrews MP, Leader of the Opposition

Attended with Sharene Hambur at presentation by David Southwick of BDS Petition to Parliament.

Attended with Michelle Coleman at a Multicultural Advisory Group (MAG) meeting, at which the guest speaker, Rabbi Aarons, gave an over-view of cults in Australia.

JCCV hosted a Police and Community Multicultural Advisory Committee (PACMAC) meeting

Participated in an ACJC/Jewish Care focus group

Attended a moving Memorial Ceremony for last year’s Japan earthquake, at which the focus was both on the tragedy of the event and on the optimism of the recovery.


The focus at the May Plenum meeting will be on affiliates representing religious organisations with the topic of “Religion and Interfaith”. As part of the meeting, Jewish Christian Muslim Association (JCMA) will make a presentation entitled “The Rabbi, the Priest and the Imam”.


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