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Organisations focus on Volunteers

Organisations focus on Volunteers

06 July 2012

Volunteer management was the hot topic at Jewish community organisations this week, following a consultation about a potential Jewish Care Victoria and Jewish Community Council of Victoria (JCCV) sponsored Volunteer Resource Centre (VRC).

The VRC aims to be a one-stop shop in the recruitment, matching, referral and training of local volunteers to support the Victorian Jewish community.

JCCV Executive Director Michelle Coleman introduced more than 30 community professionals who attended to various models as to how a community VRC could work.

Coleman said that the VRC aimed to increase volunteering in the Jewish community, ensure a steady supply of job-ready volunteers for community organisations, increase service delivery within the community and ultimately strengthen the community as a whole.

“Think of it as a recruitment agency for volunteers,” Coleman said. She added that the VRC would make volunteering easy and convenient, and avoid duplication of volunteer management related administrative tasks by community organisations.

The consultation was conducted in conjunction with a session on ‘Contemporary Volunteering’ as part of the JCCV’s regular professional networking series. It was introduced by Mary Scott, Jewish Care’s General Manager People and Culture.

Adriana Smith, Volunteer Resource Program Manager at Jewish Care, explored recent trends in volunteering and how these impact on both organisations and the community. She explained that volunteers today are time poor, want flexibility, and like to get involved with roles that utilise technology.

“They are far more likely to volunteer for specific time-limited projects – a phenomenon known as episodic volunteering – than for regular ongoing volunteer work,” she said.

Smith also recommended that for an organisation to successfully manage volunteers, it should look to the National Standards for Involving Volunteers and “treat your volunteers the same as you treat your paid staff.”

JCCV President Nina Bassat AM commended participants for their input into the consultation. “The feedback from our member organisations was most helpful and will aid us in tailoring a potential VRC to our constituents’ needs.”

“The professional development presentation about contemporary volunteering was most informative and will undoubtedly aid and guide participants in their dealings with volunteers,” she added.

Community organisations will soon be sent a survey about the VRC to complete as part of the sponsoring organisations’ feasibility study.

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Michelle Coleman

Adriana Smith

Executive Director

Volunteer Resource Program Manager

Jewish Community Council of Victoria

JewishCare Victoria

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