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JCCV discusses faith

JCCV discusses faith

12 July 2012

Last week, the Jewish Community Council of Victoria (JCCV) was represented for the first time at the 8th annual winter conference of the Jewish Christian Muslim Association (JCMA) by Dr Helen Light AM and Ms Jo Silver. Set in the beautiful Yarra Valley, 45 Jews, Christians and Muslims spent four days and three nights together discussing and sharing each other’s faith and religious practice.


As one of the three auspising bodies, the JCCV is constitutionally bound to promote understanding and goodwill between Jews and citizens of other faiths, as well as to secure and further the religious, political, social and cultural rights of Jews in Victoria and elsewhere.

JCCV Vice President Dr Helen Light AM, said, “Interfaith work is integral to a multicultural society. Religious freedom and social infrastructure are enmeshed in understanding and respect for those of the other faiths and cultures”.

JCMA aims to enable people of faith to deepen their understanding of Judaism, Christianity and Islam in Australia today by meeting, engaging with and learning from - other Jews, Christians and Muslims. Focused on the prophet motif, the conference studied the prophets and any messages relevant to today.

“As all Abrahamic faiths share the Torah and many of the prophets, it was intriguing to discover how we are more defined through our similarities than through our differences” said Jo Silver, JCCV Project Manager.

Dr Light added that interfaith work raises obvious tensions, “but if these can be aired, if long held prejudices can be recognised and dismissed, then the JCCV must continue to support and be involved in this work”.

Jo Silver concluded, “I commend the JCMA organising committee for producing such an evocative and insightful conference in a safe and respectful manner. “

For further information, please contact JCCV Project Manager Jo Silver on (03) 9272 5642, 0407 401 344 or


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