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RCV Alcohol Statement

RCV Alcohol Statement

06 August 2012

The JCCV supports the recently released statement by the Rabbinical Council of

In recent years a trend has developed amongst various communal organizations of
promoting communal activities with the use of alcohol as part of the promotional
material. In many of these instances, images of full bottles of alcohol are displayed on
fliers as an incentive for participation in such events.

The Rabbinical Council of Victoria (RCV) strongly discourages the use of alcohol, 
particularly as a central theme, in any advertising and promotional material for
events and programs being held at Jewish communal venues. The RCV is of the view
that such advertising sends the wrong message, particularly to youth within the
community, and can be extremely damaging given the youth alcohol-abuse and
binge-drinking problems that have become evident in the community.

The RCV encourages adults who drink to do so responsibly at all times, and in
accordance with Jewish and civil law. It is of course incumbent upon each communal
organization to ensure that alcohol is not provided to minors at any of their events or


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