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10 Commandments of Next Gen Engagement (plus 1)

10 Commandments of Next Gen Engagement (plus 1)

27 August 2012

In the new world order, business as usual is not an option and only those that adapt will survive said Sandy Cardin, world renown philanthropic leader in his presentation to the Jewish Community Council of Victoria’s professional networking group today.


Sandy is President of the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Philanthropic Network and is here as guest speaker for the Australian Jewish Funders (AJF). He outlined his commandments of how to successfully engage and inspire young Jews with the new rules of the game. Below are Sandy’s 10 (plus one) commandments:

Understand your audience
Young people (20 – 40 year olds) see themselves as global citizens who are passionate and positive about the change they can affect. Be positive and believe change is possible or lose them to other causes.

Think people first and then think programs
Don’t sell your own programs - find out what young people want to do and help them achieve it.

Make Jewish life relevant
Connect young people’s passion for social causes to Jewish values, social justice and Tikkun Olam. Young people’s ethos lies at the heart of Jewish life.

Create multiple entry points
Many Jews are not involved in Jewish youth groups, schools and synagogues so provide a plethora of options for them to engage.

Look outside the Jewish community
Reach out to the many leaders and volunteers of social justice organisations and the like who are Jewish and would be happy to continue their work at a Jewish level.

Enable young people to create not just consume
A hugely successful initiative - Moshe House - began 10 years ago with heavily subsidised rental and a condition to run weekly Jewish activities. This treats the occupants as creators, not consumers with greater outcomes.

Invest in great people – not just projects
Be confident that good people will continue to grow and develop initiatives and programs.

Learn universal languages
Young people network through Birthright, Limmud, Moshe House... Tap into these networks, build on what they have learnt and offer them next steps.

Embrace technology
Engage young people through Twitter, Facebook, foursquare etc… as traditional email is not the primary communication tool.

Build relationships, not institutions
Enable the best people to fill the best jobs and train others to fill the gaps.

Plan for tomorrow
Although fighting fires may take up all our time, building for the future is the only way we can move ahead. Every day, do a bit of each!

Sandy explained that Jewish professionals are passionate advocates for the Jewish community and its very future. He quoted Lyn Schusterman as saying “I may make it possible but you make it happen” and it is this very truism that means community professionals can take the bold steps to confront what we do on a daily basis, break down the silos and funding challenges and set about creating sustainable futures for our children and grandchildren.

JCCV President Nina Bassat AM gave the vote of thanks and said: “It is critical that we all understand the linkage between human capital and venture capital. That the essence of engaging our young people is turning possibility into reality and that this is how organisations can reach out and engage.”

Watch Sandy Cardin's presentation on Youtube


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