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Joint Mission to Israel

Joint Mission to Israel

28 August 2012

Honest Reporting and New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies invites you to a first-of-its-kind mission to Israel for a unique educational and advocacy training program for participants from around the world. The seven-day mission exposes participants to a side of Israel that people usually don’t see in the media.

The next mission in November will focus on issues and speakers of particular interest to [those]... who are concerned about Israel’s image in Australia.

They will receive briefings from top Israeli policy-makers, meet with political leaders from across the political, religious and ethnic spectrum, and visit ‘hot spots’ often discussed by the international media.

The mission will be led by HonestReporting’s CEO Joe Hyams and Board of Deputies President Yair Miller. Mr. Hyams said the mission will give participants a chance to bring their advocacy skills to a new level:

This is a mission for those who want to see more than the usual tourist attractions and historical sites. We aim to expose concerned global citizens to the real Israel and help them understand where and how Israelis really live, their common bonds with peace advocates and Israeli Arabs, and why media bias occurs.

Board of Deputies CEO Vic Alhadeff said the mission promises to deliver a unique and stimulating look at Israel:

This is an unprecedented opportunity to hear from experts in all the key sectors behind closed doors. It is a close-up look at the major issues as they really are. Meetings with settlers, Israeli Arabs and peace activists are included, as are briefings from authorities in the security, terrorism and political arenas.

This year’s mission participants will also be among the first to take advantage of the advocacy resources offered at HonestReporting’s brand new international headquarters in Jerusalem. Perched atop Heichal Shlomo in the center of Israel’s capital, this state-of-the-art training facility boasts enhanced multi-media capabilities and a rooftop lecture terrace.

More than 400 people have participated in 16 past missions from HonestReporting. Follow-up indicates that more than 35% of past HonestReporting mission participants become active Israel advocates in their communities, many assisting their local Israeli Consulates with the coordination of events and initiatives.

Australian Friends of Israel: click here to find out more.


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