Past Jewish Festivals

Rosh Hashana - Day 1 (New Year 1)

17 September 2012

Tishrei 1 - Although NISAN is regarded as the first month of the Jewish calendar, we celebrate ROSH HASHANAH at the beginning of TISHRI, the seventh month, since this is traditionally considered to be the day on which the world was created. ROSH HASHANAH is celebrated everywhere (including Israel) for two days. The SHOFAR (Ram’s Horn) is blown each day, except on Shabbat.

In the afternoon of the first day unless this falls on Shabbat it is customary in orthodox communities to assemble on the seashore, on the bank of a river or near a water spring to say TASHLICH. Should the first day fall on Shabbat, TASHLICH is said on the second day. TASHLICH is symbolic of cleansing oneself of sin. ROSH HASHANAH ushers in the Ten Penitential days which continue until YOM KIPPUR.


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